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Sleepless nights...

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Sleep has been very poor for several weeks. I fall asleep quickly but wake up five or six times during the night and I find it difficult to fall over again. I am eating properly, exercising in the early afternoon, not drinking coffee after 2 pm and have cut down on 'blue screens' use before bedtime. Inattentive during the day, my mind wants to start four or five projects simultaneously at night! The GP has suggested the Sleepio app., but does not want me to take any herbal or other medication. Using herbal tea to induce sleep, but while it tastes great, it is having little effect. Any suggestions??

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Hi Mistislav. I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles sleeping. Something similar has happened to me in the past, but my doctor put me on medication for bipolar. I still sometimes have trouble sleeping, in spite of my ADHD med and my bipolar meds, but I think it could be because of my anxiety, which also could be a side effect of a medication. It sounds like you are not on any meds for ADHD. Why is that? Is it a personal preference, or is it the preference of your doctor? Can you possibly see a psychiatrist to get medication? I'm sorry, I don't know how your medical system works in the UK. You may have just gotten your days and nights mixed up as you have had trouble sleeping at night. I'm not trying to diagnose you, I'm just saying that being inattentive during the day and wanting to start a bunch of projects may not be just an ADHD thing. I wouldn't know, since I'm not just ADHD. I wish I had something further to help. I know some people on this site have sworn by vitamins and supplements. (I don't know if they were herbal supplements), but I don't know if they helped with being somewhat hyper at night (at least in your brain). Take care! Hope you sleep soon!

Thanks for the reply BlueDaydreamer. I cannot take ADHD medication and I have been advised not to take herbal supplements with Valerian as these might interfere with my other medication. I am listening to audiobooks that help me fall asleep readily and I am not so stressed about not sleeping, however, I am easily wakened.

Hey Mstislav,

I understand how difficult and frustrating that is. I have been struggling with sleepless nights myself, like my brain starts racing about things I still need to get done or just anxious thoughts in general, all of which hinder me from going back to sleep. My therapist put me on melatonin gummies, they're like vitamins but with different doses. I started off with the lowest dose of 5mg and have gradually worked my way up to 20mg. I take them about 1hr before bed and have noticed a difference. Like it makes you feel drowsy & just knocks you out until the morning. I say try them out just remember that it'll take about a wk to start feeling the effects bc your body is adjusting to them.

(I'll clarify that the reason why I have upped my dosage is specific to my case bc I've been dealing with very heavy news this past few months so my stress levels and anxiety symptoms have skyrocketed.)

There's also Valerian Root capsules. I'm starting to look into these but I still need to consult with my therapist about it.

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Mstislav in reply to Mar_mar

Thanks for that, Mar_mar. I did take melatonin when I was younger but I think it is only available on prescription in the UK and the GP is not keen to give me anything and has advised against Valerian. I am trying meditation and audiobooks at the moment.

Have you ever tried CDB oil? I was having trouble sleeping and someone compassionate gave me a cookie with CDB oil. Since I avoid marijuana (I hate the idea of being stoned with my brain so unpredictable), I was worried, but this didn't make me stoned, just helped unclench my muscles and gave me the first relaxing sleep I'd had for long time. It just took a small amount. I then bought some oil at a health food store, but it was nasty. I am open to trying other forms when I need them though.

An interesting suggestion, milestogo. I am taking food containing tryptophan and trying meditation and audiobooks.

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