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Morning motivation

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What is your go-to solution to get yourself going, to boost your energy and motivation when you wake up in the morning?

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I am still figuring out what makes some of my days pleasant/ active/ energized and what makes some of my days feeling low with less energy.

But I am in love with myself when I am energized. I feel very productive, positive and fully motivated (LOL, I feel like hitting gym getting ripped and stuff). But yeah, within a few moments after I wakeup I could tell which day is it. Don't think I have much control on it.

Wish I could give you an answer.... lol....

It's something magical. I have no control over it. But I love it when it happens.

Hi JimDaydreamer, I don't know how the rest of my day will become productive, but the very beginning of my day is a routine that I learned by setting alarms. There is a deadline, so that is when the next alarm goes off.... I used to forget to take my morning meds, sometimes to eat breakfast, etc.... My husband suggested that I set alarms for those things I was forgetting, so I did. I saw a speech by someone in the military(could have been a general but that detail is lost on me) talking about making your bed every morning right when you get up.... so I have an alarm to get up, take my levothyroxine, make my bed and get dressed. I only have thirty minutes to do it before the next alarm goes off to make my breakfast, eat, take morning meds, wash my dishes and load them in the dishwasher (clean, because we don't use enough dishes to run the dishwasher these days). The best motivator for me is if someone needs me to do something. For example, when I am employed, I figure they trust me to do my job, so I do it. I am currently a nanny, so the parents and the kids are all depending on me to care for them, their household, etc...But when I am unemployed I am like JimWalter, after my morning routine, I am at a loss. I often will check the job boards and apply for a few jobs on, but I struggle with both bad brain days and depression. Either one, or even anxiety can keep me from being productive. But if I get more depressed about it, or can't sleep because I haven't been productive enough I just remind myself that I got dressed, made my bed, etc..... those things I do by rote now. But it is still an accomplishment, that I continue by setting my alarms and doing it even when I don't want to. I don't know what motivates you. If you find what motivates you, then you can use your creativity to come up with a plan to use that. Take care!

Thank you, this was useful! I am at my worst when I wake up. Usually not having enough sleep, I am very insomniac. But I also read that the dopamine level is at its lowest at that time.

JimDaydreamer, I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, too, lately, which makes it hard to do my routine(this has happened before) so I just reset the second alarm for 30 minutes after I get up and shuffle(I walk funny when I am tired, lol) around on automatic...I did not know that is the time of lowest dopamine.

Also, I have increased my Adderall dose from 20 xr to 30 xr. I think that is part of the reason behind insomnia. It did not really help with being overwhelmed at work which happened after I grew tolerance for the 20 mg dose. So all I am getting from this dose increase is increased anexiety 😬

I also have two alarms set. One at 7 and one at 7:30. I have been following your advice in the past couple of days. I basically throw my self out of bed to the floor to do some stretching. I wake up with very stiff muscles due to anxiety I guess.

Have you had the chance to let your doctor know what is happening with the Adderall? You might need to switch to another med for the ADHD, or add something for anxiety. Good that you are setting two alarms to get you going! Sorry you have stiff muscles- it's good that you have a plan that helps.

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