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Just diagnosed with ADHD and given Dextroampamphet

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Hello, I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty nervous about taking this medication. I am 22 and recently been diagnosed with ADHD, therefore I was given this stimulant to help with the effect that ADHD has had on my life. Does anyone know how quickly I will begin to feel the effects of this medication (after ingestion) and what Improvements I should expect?

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I'm assuming your Dr is starting you on a very low dose, so that should make you feel better about taking it. I'm on a different medication than you, but mine takes about 20 minutes after taking it before I notice it's working. For me, I feel much more focused, motivated, and energized. Also my mood is much happier and even keeled.

I recently heard in an ADHD podcast that ADHD meds may be less effective during part of a women's menstrual cycle, so if menstrual cycles apply to you, you may want to pay attention to that over the next few months and adjust accordingly.

thank you very much horsegirl, I appreciate your response, and yes my Dr. put me on 10mg a day once a day. I also do not know at what point if it comes to it I should ask for a higher dosage. Like what is the determining factor that makes someone come to the realization that they need a higher dosage of their ADHD medication.

If you feel your ADHD symptoms are still fairly strong while the meds are in your system, then you might need to talk to your doc for a higher dose. But give it about a week or so to allow your body to adjust before you evaluate.

Is your prescription an extended release (you take 1 pill to last all day), or an immediate release (you might take 1 pill in the a.m. then 1 in the p.m)?I'm on an immediate release, but Dr had me start with just 1 pill 1x a day. When I realized I was puttering out by 1:00 I knew I needed an afternoon pill, so we bumped it to 2x a day. Honestly I feel I could bump up the dosage but I can live with it for now, plus I don't want to negatively impact my sleep.

I'm on the extended-release. And you are right I need to find out what my average baseline is before I ask for an increase. I took my extended-release at 2pm yesterday because that is when I received the medication. Boy was that a terrible idea, I'm not sure if it was the meds keeping me up or the fascination with what changes my brain was going through but I did not fall asleep entell 2am haha.

Hi there. Typically with IR (immediate release) stimulants, you will notice the effects within 30-45 minutes of taking; with ER (extended release) versions, it will take a little longer. For me, the two most obvious indicators that my medication (Ritalin IR) is working is thirst (dry mouth side effect) and a sort of quieting of all the mental chatter. When it’s working, I feel more focused and motivated. It’s easier to make decisions, and I am less flustered by noise around me. It’s easier to keep my emotions in check. For me, it’s a subtle effect. I don’t feel a burst of energy or anything like that. It helps if you have some idea of what symptoms you would like it to help, and then track those while you are taking the medication; that may give you a better feel for whether it is working for you. Dosage is typically increased when there is little or minimal positive benefit (but also few or no side effects). Good luck, and hope that helps a little!

Thank you birdwatcher. After reading this I may keep a log for a little while to keep notes on the differences that it is making for me.

Absolutely! When I first started taking medication, I kept notes on my phone with the dose, time of day I took it, and any positive/negative effects I noticed. It definitely helped me to notice more, and also to remember specifics when I talked to my doctor!

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