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ADHD Symptoms


What symptoms of ADHD do you struggle with the most?

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Time recognition


Task Focusing

Mini Outbursts of anger/frustration


All of these I still struggle with, but I have found ways to help me realize time and process my emotions better.

I struggle with the task focusing and forgetfulness too. I never realized forgetfulness was a symptom associated with ADHD. I was wondering why my memory is so bad but couldn't pinpoint a cause. The task focusing and forgetfulness highly impacts my job as well. How do you deal with it?

I carry a notebook with me everywhere. It doesn't look pretty and people may wonder what age I really am with all the stickers, but this helps me the most. I don't have to worry about remembering.

I have a thought dump section in my journal. I write down every single thought that comes into my head: that's a cute cat, flowers, 3:00 pm is in 13 minutes, clean keyboard, start laundry, etc. I do this whenever I need to. Things I actually need to remember to do something about I highlight. After that process is done my brain has "calmed" down enough to refocus on the tasks that need to be done now. I find that I zone out a lot more when my brain is trying to remember what I just thought. I have a horrible memory at times and my brain cannot let it go until i remember what I have forgotten.

I also have a timer. 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off. This helps me to realize that there is a break sooner rather than later. In those five minutes I do whatever I want: color, scribble, facebook, look out the window, stretch, text, etc. Then the magic happens and I actually get stuff done on time.

Decision making

Time managemant


Learning new information

Follow up

Hi! Im new to this support groupr and looking forward to learn.

Hi David! I'm pretty new too.. haven't really interacted in the group before. For the decision making, would you say you make decisions impulsively? What have you tried to help manage your symptoms? For all of the symptoms you listed above, I find that writing things down makes a world of difference. Whether it's on paper or electronically.. or both.

Hey Natasha, yes Im obsessive impulsive. And its tricky because I have used tools to help me with obsession and compulsion, so my impulsiveness uses wrongly fundamented arguments to disguised as the right choice. Its like if its keeping up with me haha.

So 2 things help, first, yes its using a written tool to manage my day. And second, I ask myself some questions before making a decision:

Is this choice going to help me with my objectives?

What consecuences might come from this and Im I willing to live with them?

Staying on task.. I start strong but within a few minutes, if not less, I am lost in a sea of other things i need to be doing. None of which i want to do and that makes it worse.

I can definitely relate. What have you tried to help keep you on task?

I have a tendency to over react to small things. I also struggle with talking too much and saying the wrong thing.

natashaj1210 in reply to Mille_5

Me too. I do have a little temper. There was a period where everything was making me mad or irritated. My psychiatrist put me on Abilify.

It HAS to be completing big projects. If someone needs me to do something quick RIGHT NOW I am hypercapable, but if it's a big project it doesn't matter how much I break it down, identify the subcomponents... it's too daunting and I can't help but do ANYTHING else.

That's a tough one. Especially if it affects your job/career. Luckily, breaking it up and staying on task by using a checklist helps me out a great deal. This is most useful with work but i do apply that to my daily life too.

Forgetfulness and loosing things!!!🤬😡

natashaj1210 in reply to MrsKlco

Oh man! I feel your frustration. The forgetfulness is a big one- it affects all areas of life. I do lose things too... and thoughts as well. If that makes sense. Can you recommend anything to help with that?

MrsKlco in reply to natashaj1210

I hate to say it, but rigid routine!! I say, I hate to say it...because I stink at routine. But putting your keys in the exact same place, your phone in the same place, etc everyday. I have a friend that is methodical about her routine...she doesn't loose anything!!

Routine has to be a high priority, I know it can work but I need work on it!!

Thanks for asking,


Finishing a task, overthinking - flood of ideas, excitement in the morning, creating structure for my kids during covid lockdown, sticking to habits

I can relate to all of that! I overthink and then can't seem to make a decision about anything. I'm struggling with creating structure for my kids during this lockdown too.. and now having to create a structure to get them back in school mode. I'm doing the virtual learning for both my kids. I didn't feel that it was safe enough to send them back for face to face learning. What will you be doing with your kids? Any ideas about creating a structure that you can recommend?

Finishing things. Any bumps in the road and I’m easily derailed.

natashaj1210 in reply to TJ_MA

Same here. I'm great at starting things but then I lose interest quickly. Or my mind tends to wander off. What do you do to help with that?

TJ_MA in reply to natashaj1210

Good question. Eventually I will get things done if I’m up against a deadline. Having some accountability helps. The tried and true “just do a little to get started” helps as I might get hooked and hyper focus to finish. In any case, it is and always will be a challenge with ADHD. I think most of us probably don’t get enough credit from others (and to ourselves!) for what we actually do accomplish given our roadblocks.

Anger due to frustration

Irritation bc other people move too slow

Going down rabbit hole( hyper focus)

Hate tasks i feel are redundant or tedious


Attempting to do math

Spacial awareness( driving, walking, etc)

Time recognition for sure



Those are all frustrating. My psychiatrist put me on Abilify and it has helped with the getting frustrated and having anger outbursts. What is it that happens when you attempt to do math? For me, I can't concentrate at all.. even to do simple math problems. If I write it down though, I am good.

Sorry to butt in, but I too have an extremely difficult time with math!! I start to cry or go cross eyed! I just use online banking and "EveryDollar" app to keep my finances in check. Otherwise I make multiple payments, or forget payments,...goodness.

Where would I be without the internet!! Sad thing is, my hubby is even sadder than I am at keeping the bills paid....don't ask.


My husband wasn't any help either except he brought the money home! One day at the bank (back when we used paper deposit & withdrawal slips) the teller told me how impressed they all were that I always had everything ready when I got there. I told her that was because I didn't want them to see me counting on my fingers.

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