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ADHD & Sensitivity


Does anyone else with adhd have sensitivity to what type of clothes they wear; I can only wear loose type of clothing. Or sensitivity to loud sounds or yelling as well as picking at themselves? As well as having to wear more summer type clothes in the wintertime like a tank top and jeans because you get way too hot way too easily and way too fast?

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Hi Christine, yes hypersensitivity is definitely a thing for some people with ADHD. For me it's noises - even quiet ones - smells, things seen out of the corner of the eye, itches. My mind just latches onto them like a magnet. I work with a set of headphones on, try to not work in an office where I'm sat opposite the main door - because I'll stop and talk to anyone/thing that goes past. CBD oil has brought me a bit of calm, but I don't take it all the time. Best Regards, Mark

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For me it’s being afraid I’m going to sweat. And sometimes I can’t tell if I’m sweating or I’m having anxiety which is causing me to think I’m sweating. So, I have to wear shorts and spaghetti strap to bed with my spaghetti strap rolled up over my stomach as well as not having any sheets or comforters on my bed when I fall asleep.

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Part of that sounds like your ADHD sensitivity setting off anxiety. But maybe discuss with your doctor (not your ADHD doctor) and see if you have something which is causing you to feel so hot, I'm not a doctor, but I can imagine there's a number of (probably quite minor) things that could cause this. I have asthma and before the cause was diagnosed, I would get into a spin if my chest started to tighten. Now that I know the cause I can work to reduce it and the anxiety reduces as well.

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Yeah I’ll have to talk to my regular doctor about it next time

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Christine, I sweat through my clothes even on a casual walk. Every day I have to peel off my clothes and air them. I’m in the cold north but I wear tank tops when I’m home. Sweat dripping off my face ... embarrassing.

ADHD or anxiety? I find they’re closely connected. But until you asked about it , I just thought it’s another of my defects. Guess it’s just another “gift” in the adhd package. lol 😂

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Yeah that’s my worst fear. But I do want to overcome this and get to a place where I can be okay.

Yes ;) all of the above lol I had no idea it could be related to adhd. How enlightening. I just know I am a sensitive person and that can be a strength and a weakness lol I was just clothes shopping today and couldn’t get many of the things that looked nice to me because of the fabric type . I can’t stand 100 percent polyester or acrylic type clothing. Yes, the label on one was acrylic and polyester ! I feel like I’m wearing plastic . It makes me hot fast and gets static 😤😡I prefer cotton which is hard to find . I can do cotton poly and prefer it if it is more on the cotton side even 55 percent cotton. Anyone else feel this way ? I feel like most are imported from overseas made with cheap fabric and smaller sizing. It is beyond frustrating. I just want cotton made in the good old USA 😂 wool is beautiful but makes me itch 😕 also yes to sounds , smells etc . I Wear acrylic and or gel nails . When I have them on there is no picking as soon as I take them off yes I do start that . It’s weird but it stops it completely so I keep my nails 🖤 best wishes

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I completely understand how you feel

Yes! I'm picky sometimes to wearing certain type of fabric. If it's mostly cotton with wool or etc. I'm ok with it. The type of detergent I use to wash my clothes makes a difference. I'm so sensitive to perfume like detergent and the perfume like towels that go in the dryer. For years I found a sensitive no perfume like detergent.

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That makes sense

Me, too. Can only wear cotton and cotton/poly blend. Sheets, too.

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But maybe it’s my anxiety getting so high that it makes me think I’m sweating and I can feel it. Because I Avril believe it.


Yup, as I've gotten older the clothing part isn't as bad as it used to be.

But I'm a very sensitive type. In many ways.

Yep. Sure do. What's weird is some days I'm sensitive to sounds and other days no. I have figured out that it's mostly at night and early in the am. I'm more sensitive to sound. When someone talks to me and barking dogs. I discovered earplugs for sleep . That seems to help. It use to frustrate me when going out to an event that had loud music and crowded spaces. I learned to set my boundries on that. Go off to the side and wear earplugs at events if I need to.

I still wear some of my summer clothes. I live in Phx. Az. it's gets warm by afternoon anyway. LoL

I need to remind myself to make a list and add, ...."need new jeans and sweatear ...." Early in the am. it does get pretty cold here.

I go to my favorite thrift store and find some decent clothes.

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That’s a good idea

OMG Yes. my daughter, who was diagnosed in 6th grade, was hypersensitive the day she was born (to lights; cool air; loud talking) She screamed as if her life was at stake. Socks with a loose thread inside; clothes that felt average to me: she’d howl and try to wiggle out of them.

We did a LOT of adjusting.

For me: light; window light and the shadows it makes make me turn my head over and over unless I work hard to ignore it, which drains my energy. Someone’s sparkly jewelry, shiny sequins. It all makes it difficult to stay focused, but I make MY adjustments.

Thx for bringing up hypersensitivity.

This has been a sensitive topic for me ever since childhood - i still vividly remember my mom putting uncomfortable, itchy clothes on me to go to church, shoes that pinched, I hated it and soon hated church for this... I would love to get home and change into comfortable clothes, loose sweats, soft white sox, that defined "better" to me...

I could go out and work hard on the farm as long as I could wear comfy clothes, but church, no.

For a long time I had problems with most of my clothes, they get itchy, feel scratchy, make me sweat a lot . I discovered that it really wasn't my clothes but how I washed them. I tried everything that said for sensitive people. Then I found a company that makes soap for the washing machine. Wow! I glad I did not throw all hose clothes away. I have hard water too! Now all my clothes feel great! They are soft, but with body. The website is ''my green fil''. I am so happy I found them, all my clothes feel good to the touch, I sweat a lot less. Your hormones have a lot to do with sweating a lot, if they are not in balance it causes a lot of problems, NOT JUST SWEATING PROFUSELY.


Yes I'm very sensitive to loud and violent conversations or discussions, I completely shut down mentally and get violently I'll because that's all I heard and experienced as a child.

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