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ADHD Weekly -- Creating New Habits to Manage ADHD

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The quick societal shift due to the pandemic left many people feeling adrift. Now things are settling into new patterns, with new ways of managing ADHD symptoms.

Read "Creating New Habits to Manage ADHD" at .

What are some ways or tricks you are using to manage ADHD right now?

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My child had been struggling for YEARS with ADHD and he has been using “sensory tools” (aka fidgets) for over 9 years now & he had to have some form of a sensory tool or he would be constantly in trouble for being a distraction. When I started researching years ago the different styles of fidgets it was hit & miss but it was before it became a huge fad. So I bought from a couple of companies and they worked great. Unfortunately shortly after that the fad hit, everyone wanted a Fidget, every student had one, they were loud, lit up & his school stopped allowing fidgets into the school district. When these were banned my son was constantly in trouble in his school, due to always being a distraction. I finally was about to give up and home school my child. I searched everywhere online trying to locate a “quiet fidget” that maybe I could get the principal to agree to but every Fidget we could locate the school district would not allow due to being a noisy distraction.. I was about to give up because I was constantly being called up to the school due to my son “was to disruptive” or “distracting his peers” and they would give him detention because he was “tapping his foot or a pen” or “twirling his hair to much” or “twisting paper or ripping” and I was ready to unenroll him from school and homeschool him myself. I strongly believed that fidgets / sensory tools were mandatory for my sons ADHD and I felt so lost when the school districts in our home town banned them.. Right when I was about to give up, I was told about a sensory tool company (Fidget Company) from my son’s school teacher, that the school districts actually would approve. I would love to share this information to other individuals who need sensory tools daily because I had searched for over a year trying to locate a quiet sensory tool and was not a distraction. I am pretty sure many parents have experienced the same situation & issues locating a Fidget that a school district would approve because it’s practically impossible! So I definitely wanted to share this information to help anyone.

I purchased the Fidget on Etsy and the store name is FidgetMeCrazy at this link:

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