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What can you suggest that will help?

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Hi I'm new here and looking for support as I'm a lady in my 50s and only just been diagnosed with adult ADHD in April and I'm happy now I know why I've always felt different to others and struggled so much over my life,however I'm really struggling with negative thinking at mo and finding lockdown has made it even harder,I wondered if anyone could relate to this ,also I'm still waiting for treatment .

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I have anxiety, depression and ADHD. I joined a phone buddy group, it helps to talk to someone else.

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Hi thanks for your reply,how do I join a buddy group thanks .

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I can add you to my group. You can email me your phone number mdevery.devery@gmail.com

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Thank you so much for that I will be in touch Rosie

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Hi, add.org (ADDA) has a support group for Women over 50 that you could check out. The ADDA has some great groups, info and webinars to support adults with ADHD. I’m a volunteer Ambassador for them if you want more info ie a call or email conversation. I’m at wweiss@add.org.

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Thank you so much ,I will be in touch Rosie.

Absolutely!! The Covid lock down has caused me to spiral into several different projects. Only one of which I finished. My body is NOT as excited as my brain...in the end my body was not willing or able to continue. Holy crap I feel old.

So then Amazon will deliver all my wishes, not that we have the money, did not stop me. I know my ADHD is out of control when two of the same/ or similar items were delivered to my home. Anyway, I have to use several coping skills and my hubby to slow me from running in circles. (in my head!!)

Being back to work has helped with stringent structure and accountability.

Having said all that, talking with others who understand at work and chatting helps. Over the years I have proven to myself and my hubby that my ADHD has wonderful benefits. Yes..I said benefits, others are not engineered and most time do not understand us.

Enjoy the good times, allow a moment for the negative thoughts...( share and tear) then let the rest go. Finally, watching Ted Talks on ADD/ADHD was a huge boost of encouragement.

I am so happy that you were diagnosed sorry it took soo long. But you are wonderful and your brain, is AMAZING. (unfortunately, most people don't know what to do with our :Super Powers!!")

I hope that helps.

Please keep in touch,


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Hi,Renee,thank you so much for your reply,I live alone,so I have alot of time to myself and I get bored so easy and then I feel depressed and start thinking more negative,as soon as I'm busy or with people I feel alot better , i 'mworried about the treatment as it hasn't started yet,but hopefully life will be easier once it starts thank you Rosie.

I have felt the same way too, that is the confusing part of our minds. Distracted so easy. Until you start your meds, therapy, ect. To stay positive I would always watch funny shows or movies, heck funny cat videos on my computer. That would hold me over for a while.

I still watch funny stuff over sad, I take my meds, and see my therapist regularly. She helps me to have confidence and pride in my thinking and to dispel the decades of harassments I had internalized.

Glad you are feeling better, stay positive and keep in touch.


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Hi,thanks for you message and tips to help,I do try and stay as positive as much as possible,but I'm really struggling at mo,I just need support and my treatment to start,I'm feeling overwhelmed as,I have to deal with my ADHD,and I'm a sole carer for my mum whose 86,and with lockdown ,it's made it even harder,I worry about my mum,as I have to care for her,but I worry everytime I go in her house, because of the virus . hopefully things will improve soon and I hope your day has been good Rosie.

Hi Coffee233, I suggest finding your local CHADD affiliate chadd.org/for-adults/overview/ Our local chapter meets as a support group every two weeks in Oakland/Berkeley CA, although now on Zoom.

I was Diagnosed in February at the age of 59. I found a Health Education class through Kaiser to be very helpful, and I did a lot of research. Also, the book "Driven to Distraction" by Halloway is available on Audible for free in a condensed (2 1/2 hour) version. I listened to it with my partner, stopping it to talk about it every once in a while.

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Hello Papa bear, i was delighted to read that you got yr diagnosis at age 59, snap and wow! However i am really struggling here in the UK to access support. I was interested to hear of your chapter's zoom meets over in Calif'. Wondering if there could be away that i might take part? Good luck for the future.



I just got my diagnosis today. I'm 60. Not quite sure what to do with it, though it's a relief to know that all the parts of me that my mother despised weren't my fault. I sorta already guessed that, but it's nice to know for sure.

I think whomever diagnosed you, you should contact. Why haven’t they started treatment? Is there anyway to expedite the process? Treating my adhd completely rectified my anxiety and depression in one shot! I wasn’t expecting my that. I would tech out to them and explain the situation and that it’s getting worse. If it’s not an option you can always see your regular GP and at least request some Wellbutrin for now and drink coffee. As long as coffee doesn’t make your anxiety worse. If it does try a few cups of tea.

I hope they can get things moving for you soon. Until then, keep trying to get out and make plans. Bing watch something NY great on Netflix :)

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