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New here, new ADD diagnosis, and new feelings


I'm in my 40s and recieved a diagnosis of ADD yesterday. It seems so many others in here suspected it, but I'm floored, in denial, angry and just confused. I don't understand these emotions because out of all of my mental health issues, it seems this one wouldn't be considered that earth shattering. My reaction to CPTSD, bipolar II, and anxiety... "yup those are fine and wow so happy to finally get treatment". My reaction to this...", I can't be." My family isn't surprised.

Has anyone else experienced this type of personal reaction?

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yep, I relate Splatt_6 . I was diagnosed Bipolar 8 years ago. "oh good.. an explanation" I was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago (they told me that I'm probably not Bipolar by the way) and I thought - "oh crap.. this S*$# is real now" because it all started to come together and I had to face the music. I was talking to someone about the stages of grief on Friday, and he said that maybe there's another stage of grief - that of people reaching out to help others who are suffering - to give back. Seems right to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that what you feel is normal, but that feeling is transitory. Before long you will be thankful that you've found your tribe of people, who will largely show compassion and warmth and welcome you. So, welcome to the tribe, and reach out any time. You're in the right place.

Splatt_6 in reply to plenti42day

Thank you plenti42day for the response.

I'm honestly going to have to talk to my Dr about all of the overlap with bipolar and ADHD for the same reason... maybe it was a misdiagnosis (by previous Dr). I have a really good psychiatrist now, so I trust his judgment.

Not me. I had been struggling since 4th grade. I was releved to find out what was wrong and start treatment and attend a support group.

Yes, also diagnosed in my forties I think I’m actually still in denial. The diagnosis process seemed too unprofessional. But regardless of whether I have ADHD or not, it’s awesome to find self help content I can relate to. Several tips about dealing with ADHD have helped me... so I think I’ll just take what seems to help me and not get too stressed about the rest.

Splatt_6 in reply to Wildbrain


I've also started to investigate some of the accommodations and strategies developed for adhd folks. You're right, I can decide what to keep and let the rest go.


Can you elaborate a bit about the reasoning behind your denial? Denial isn't an issue actually, it's often fueled by some existing mindset you are so adamant about your own, like, stereotypes about yourself, etc.

Splatt_6 in reply to Skandha

Well, denial is a stage of grief...

Having been in therapy for 5 years now for the other reasons listed above...

yes, I'm working through a multitude of negative stereotypes, internalized bs that my parents said/believed, etc. I am also finding it difficult as the information (albeit it is just cursory internet articles) about general presentation and adhd issues does not ring true with my own self-perception.

Denial... because it is essential to break down a belief system and ideas that I have lived with for a large portion of my life (cognitive dissonance).

Yes, I recognize the issues with perception, still doesn't help with how I feel about this in this moment.

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