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I went to mental health today and for ptsd depression and anxiety I was giving 150 hcl xl 1 times a day I read the side effects and suffer from migraines already which I take firocet for will this medicine trigger more migraines ? I hope this helps but how can 1 pill help so many problems

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Everyone reacts to medicine differently. Even if you do get migraines, they may resolve after a few days. Wellbutrin is a good medicine and worth giving a try. Work closely with your doctor if you do notice any problematic concerns.

Thank you so much I took this morning had a little headache took Excedrin isn’t bad at all now thank u

I am on Wellbutrin and it helps me with my depression and ADHD and I feel like life in general. I occasionally get migraines and have not gotten anymore since I started Wellbutrin over a year ago so I don't think it will increase your migraines. In my opinion it is a miracle drug that has made my life remarkably better. I take it with 10mg of Lexapro and have found that it makes the Wellbutrin work better since I have a consistent and normal amount of serotonin to work with.

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Bluesdance today is day 2 no headache and I feel like I have hope I don’t take with anything else which I thought a little odd but I’m Smiling and that’s a great thing I hope it will continue to work my sister said it’s too soon to work how long did it take u to feel the affects?

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If your body naturally makes a proper amount of serotonin than you shouldn't need anything else. Mine does not. I have actually been on Lexapro for far longer than Wellbutrin, but after I got on Wellbutrin and saw how well it worked I asked my doctor about getting off of Lexapro and we weaned myself off and everything was fine for a little bit but once my body ran out of serotonin then the Wellbutrin stopped working as well and so I went back on Lexapro. If I forget one day of Lexapro I don't notice a difference but if I forget one day of Wellbutrin I definitely can tell the difference.

Do you know why your body does't produce enough serotonin? Most of it is produce in your gut. Instead of pills have you ever thought about fixing the problem that keeps you from producing enough serotonin. Check out leaky gut syndrome. Remember most doctors just give pills to make you feel better hopefully but they don't look further and fix the reasons causing your problem. They keep you coming back right for more pills. Most doctors are not taught how to fix a problem, just how to give pills, surgery etc.. which never fixes the real problem, just cuts it out or surpasses the symptoms.

I appreciate your suggestion and it is something I have had some concern about myself. I have a lot of digestive issues and have been trying a variety of treatments for them. I take probiotics regularly as well as fiber and have done several elimination diets. I currently don't have lactose and avoid processed foods and excess sugar. I also make sure to take vitamin D. Regardless of all of these measures I still can not be happy or control my emotions without my medication. Lexapro and Wellbutrin have been life saving for me. I have been on Lexapro for three years and they have been the happiest, most balanced, and successful years of my life since I was a small child. Wellbutrin I have been on for almost two years and in these last two years I have watched myself be able to accomplish things I never would have thought possible and find real joy and purpose that I didn't think I could ever have.

So yes I will continue to look for other ways to improve my health both physically and mentally, but I will also never stop being a proponent of medication.

L-tryptophan is a good alternative, especially with 5-HTP. But it is best to alternate the 2. I find that I build a tolerance to both if I take either one every night.

5-HTP has also been shown to lower dopamine transmission with chronic dosing.

I personally prefer L-tryptophan over 5-HTP. They are both precursors to serotonin but L-tryptophan is a precursor to all tryptamines and your body can also make vitamin B3 from it. I feel it is a more rounded option. Whereas 5-HTP is already on it's way to becoming serotonin and only a few other tryptamines (including your own DMT). That is why I alternate them. They have quite different properties.

I have a friend who works in Psychiatry in the US who recommended I alternate the L-tryptophan with Melatonin (of which Serotonin itself is a precursor to). Unfortunately here in the UK Melatonin is no longer available to buy OTC and must now be prescribed instead (that's Big Pharma for you!). But I have a plan 😉.

Just remember to NEVER take either L-tryptophan or 5-HTP along with any serotonergic drug or while it is still in your system. Certainly not without a doctor's guidance. You won't want serotonin syndrome!

Wellbutrin/Zyban (bupropion) isn't serotonergic in the slightest so you'll be ok there. Still talk with your doctor though before taking any mind-altering substance, supplement or otherwise.

I take Wellbutrin for depression (also have anxiety and ADHD). It took about 3 1/2 weeks for me to know it was working. I had lost motivation, hopefulness, and the desire to feel good. Once Wellbutrin started working, I felt like I had motivation to keep trying and I also could feel pleasure again - not that it made me happy, but I could do things that would normally make me happy.

Some people say Wellbutrin makes them more anxious, but I have not experienced an increase in anxiety. The only side effect I had was dry mouth.

I started with 150 mg xl and months later went to 300 mg xl, but this kept me from sleeping well. I now take 200 mg SR which is a shorter acting formulation which lasts around 12 hours.

That’s good I had a headache the first day but nothing today. I think I can feel a difference at least I hope

I never knew a 200mg SR version was available. Interesting!

I'm currently taking 150 SR twice daily. Have been for about 15 years. I certainly know if I've forgotten to put it in my pill organiser!

I do prefer 450mg but as I'm taking dexamfetamine too my doc is a little reluctant.

Maybe a 200 and a 150... Anything to help me sleep less.

Do you sleep well at night? If not, taking a second dose each day may prevent you from getting restful sleep and result in sleepiness during the day. I believe the 300 mg XL I took is similar to taking 150mg SR twice a day. I take the 200 mg SR only once a day and this has helped my sleep. If sleeping well at night is a problem, you could ask your doctor about taking 300mg SR once a day and get the same amount you are taking now but over a shorter time period. Also there is a100mg SR you could ask about if you wanted to try a lower 2nd dose in combination with a first dose of 150mg SR, 200 mg SR or 300 mg SR Best wishes!

I had extreme anxiety from it. That should of been a clue about my real diagnosis. I did not have anxiety , yet it caused it. I’ve know people that took it for an anxiety disorder and that always baffles me. I know possible bi polar and adhd definitely makes effects to meds different than others.

I heard great things about Wellbutrin but it wasn’t the medication for me.

My feelings of depression were linked to the results of my ADHD symptoms. Wellbutrin blunted my emotions and turned me pretty stoic, so I got off it pretty quickly.

I was on it for about 3 days, but could feel the drastic change and totally did not like what it was doing to me. However, a family member of mine swore by it for over a year. Then she spiraled into to dark tunnel of depressive episodes while on it. Not sure if it was anxiety or what, but she has not gone back on Wellbutrin since. She used to swear by it though.. so, I don’t know if effectiveness changes over time or if it was just her. Anyway, just my two cents.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you pomelo as I was reading reviews it stated that could happen so what medicine are you taking now if you don’t mind me asking I just wanna live a ok life Not a normal life anymore I don’t even know what normal is 🤔

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Everyone reacts differently to medicines. I’ve tried a few different medicines & this is my personal experience (after the Wellbutrin). It may not be the case for you.

On Ritalin, I found that I became quite mean — such as say hurtful or critical things without batting an eye, no filter. It didn’t cause any drastic improvements to my ADHD symptoms, so I opted out of it.

Right now I’m shifting between an Adderall generic and Vyvanse (no generic version yet). I have been told that that the medical community does not like this though. Not sure why really, because they both have very different effects on me. Even different forms of the Adderall generics generate different results for me.

On the right dose of Adderall, I’m able to get going, be more decisive & am much better at task completion. When I took it for the first time, I was able to clean my chaotic desk in 20 minutes. Before that, I didn’t even know where to start. (My desk is messy again though — been busy, but this is where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will probably come in handy).

Another example — I can compose a work email & send it on the very first try, instead of having to go back to make multiple tweaks & edits before finally having it reflect what I wanted to communicate. With the help of Adderall, I also realized that I was putting off returning phone calls because I had anxiety talking to people who were seeking something from me that I wasn’t sure I could provide. That barrier completely disappeared with the Adderall.

Vyvanse highly impacted my focus & my perception of time. I was planning & thinking in multi-steps on how to accomplish a task/project (mind-blowing what I’ve been missing out on my entire life!). Instead of being like a knotted ball of yarn, “time” was finally linear to me.

The one downside of Vyvanse was that I would sometimes get stuck in that focus/planning zone and fail to execute on tasks.

The downside of Adderall, for me, was that it lost its effectiveness pretty quickly (about 3 days) and I would need to take a break of about 2 days before it had full potency again. That turned my life into a rollercoaster.

When I alternate between Vyvanse & Adderall, I can achieve a longer effectiveness window and more well-rounded results. The strange thing about the stimulants is I actually react more calmly to stressful situations. I can think more quickly of how to get ahead of it to contain it, instead of quickly getting overwhelmed and shutting down.

One concerning downside for me is, on my med-free days, I tend to sleep a lot and am super slow at everything that I’m doing. I feel like I’m a sloth. So I do have some fear around dependency.

So, the medications aren’t perfect but they have made me feel like myself for the first time in my life. I compare it to driving a car when the wheels are finally in alignment instead of having it veer in all sorts of unintended directions.

Sorry for having made this response so long. I wish you lots of luck on your journey!

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Wen I was in Florida I was on Ritalin and it worked good I’m in Tennessee and they won’t give it to me because of my pain meds so far the Wellbutrin is working headaches are gone just don’t have a appetite so I make myself eat since I’m diabetic but my depression is still looming around and I find every reason not to take my medicine but knowing I need too getting out of bed is rough ugh

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STOIC! 😆 nice

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