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Needing Encouragement

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I am having a difficult time with stressors. I don’t have the psychological or emotional energy to meditate. I become fearful when my hyperactivity kicks in! I also fear my chronic pain will become more acute. This is a constant distraction. I have to remind myself I have ADHD, and considering all things I am doing okay.

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I can relate...please don't give up!!!

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Dison in reply to B19B

Thanks...I become so frustrated at times. I am sick of constantly forgetting things.

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December71941 in reply to Dison

Ur not alone in that feeling!

I know meditation can be a real challenge. Have you tried doing really short relaxation exercises? Have a look at stresscontrolaudio(dot)com they have an 8 minute Quick Relaxation audio recording that helps me a little. It's totally free.

meditating is hard for ADHD people, though it can help. I do tapping - moving my hands and talking keep me focused, it can help hyperactivity, anxiety, pain, so much. thetapping

It's hard to make yourself do something as unstimulating as meditation but you can improve! I have been working on it and for a few weeks (minus a few missed days) I have meditated 30 minutes per day. It is something I have wanted/tried to do for over a year and had mixed results. The key is to realize that setbacks will come and to get back on that horse! It also seems to help that I started tracking it in a journal I started keeping a couple months ago (same story with the journal.)

I have been practicing meditation for about six months. I see how beneficial it is in helping boost my self esteem and self confidence. I am taking the time for me and my well-being. I am not accomplishing some task. I am “being”.

I'm glad the meditation is working for you.

Sometimes it really is nice to remind ourselves that there is space for just being alive without the internal or external mental suggestions for productivity.

I do feel mentally strengthened when I've done things that I enjoy, though I usually feel healthier self esteem when I've accomplished some goal that contributes to less stress overall. Thank you for sharing.

Well ADHD and chronic pain is not the best scenario. I'm sorry that you are experiencing the both of them at the same time. As it is, the chronic pain gives you a constant irritability puts more and more stress on your brain. ADHD is not helping because of the lack of connection to your prefrontal cortex.

Not sure if you are taking any stimulants for your ADHD, but they can make your chronic pain worse, so be careful with that.

Just so you know, you shouldn't need to remind yourself that you are doing okay. That was my mistake a few years back and I ended up just being okay. What changed for me is when a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. I finally got the nerve to ask her how she was handling it because, she always seemed to be in good spirits. She then told me the magic words that helped me move forward, "It is what it is." She went on to tell me that all she can do is adapt to her situation as it changes and look towards the future.

So I took it upon myself to learn how to adapt to what I viewed as handicaps. Although, I don't have chronic pain, my wife does, so I do know the frustration you must feel on a regular basis. Where is your pain located? Multiple areas?

For ADHD, I started figuring out how to adapt...found a great doctor and have made small changes here and there that has made a world of difference. The one thing that I miss is that I've lost my special ability to hyperfocus. I viewed that as a strength and now it's gone away due to my nutritional supplements.

Something I would suggest you do, is get a complete DNA test and determine if the medication you are taking is right for you. Also, that should help you to know if your are able to process nutrients properly. Go figure that there were 3 specific nutrients that my body was unable to process. After a few months, I noticed a huge change.

You will get there. It just takes patience, curiosity and and a little bit of anger. That should help drive you to get the right help.

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stonem in reply to ImJester

Can you say more about the DNA test? Is that something you get from an endocrinologist? Nutritionist?

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