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ADHD diagnosis?

Through the years I've had many problems that I can now relate to ADHD (I lose everything, it's awful to force myself to sit still, poor impulse control, RSD, etc) and I really want to seek a diagnosis, But I'm terrified to be told no, I dont have ADHD, I'm just bad at coping or lazy, and so on. I've tried to talk to my mom about it but she insists the problems I'm talking about are things everyone deals with, and nothing to make a fuzz about.

I'm rambling now but, what I mean to ask mainly is... what's the best step to seeking diagnosis? Any advice or stories you guys have to share, I would love to listen to

I hope I made sense! Thank you!

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I'm sure you have standardized test scores from when you were way to show that it isn't your I.Q. that is lacking...however you have symptoms of A.D.H.D...which can make it difficult for you, which is why there is a good chance that there is a discrepancy between your intelligence and your performance bc you are smart, however you have to manage your A.D.D. symptoms along w/ it...

My test scores showed I am above average I.Q...however I would make certain mistakes that didn't make sense at the time, to why...however I suffer from A.D.D...which explains it...

There are a lot of strengths that people w/ A.D D. have a lot of the have to manage your symptoms, and learn how to work w/ the, don't put yourself down reached out for help, and were honest about something that I know can be painful...please don't ever give up on yourself!!! Remember your strengths and learn about A.D.D....So, you are in control of it...not the other way around!!!

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Hi Bluejay, ok, i hear you, it wld seem that you feel deep dwn inyourself that you have adhd. I will tell you the steps that i took eventually after having inklings that my extreme life history pointed this way. Firstly, i looked up the criteria for inattention and seperately for hyperactivity, think 9 in each category. Realising i filled most of both i took the nxt step. In England this wld mean seeing yr doctor so as to be referred to the mental health services, frm there you are assessed through a number of appointments which are designed to see if you merit a diagnosis appraisal, eventually you will arrive at the adhd psych's app' for a potential diagnosis! Don't be intimidated tho by all that journeying, i was diagnosed and now, only 5 months later i have made huge inroads on the problem. V GOOD LUCK TO YOU.


Hi The_Bluejay55, the best way to get a diagnosis is to get an evaluation by a Psychiatrist. They are mental health professionals who can also write prescriptions. When my husband was being evaluated, they also sent home questionnaires to his friends and family members, where we had to rate our experiences with his symptoms.

It can be difficult for loved ones to recognize your symptoms because you have done a great job of managing so far. I've been doing a ton a research about ADHD and a lot of people do really well up until high school, college or their first real job because of increased pressures and stress. In college my husband struggled with maintaining a 3.0 GPA average. He broke his arm skateboarding and got disability services for a semester and his grades improved dramatically because he got a quiet room to test in and extended test taking time. Both of these changes helped him focus on the test and reduced distraction, 2 of the biggest issues his ADHD causes. Which started out journey into getting him diagnosed.

My point is, working towards figuring out the cause of your symptoms can only be a good thing and make life easier. Adulting is hard enough for me a Non- ADHD person/spouse, if getting a diagnosis, learning coping techniques and taking medication will help you be the best you and help you succeed; I say do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


I experience exactly the same things that you are going through!!! I was diagnosed, officially, in a study at Stonybrook University Hospital, in 1991. Find a Psychiatrist who specializes in ADD/ADHD & you will get an "official diagnosis." It would also be helpful, for your own leave of mind, to find a CHADD Group. You will find that the most of the members have very similar problems associated with family member's lack of understanding!♡


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