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Neurofeedback for ADHD Treatment; Train The Brain


I have heard of biofeedback for ADHD treatment. I reached out to a brain center in my area and during my consultation was told about the EEG tests and 20-40 sessions that I will need in order to train my ADHD brain to concentrate, focus and chill out my hyperactivity. Has anyone tried it? If so, please provide your experience.

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Never heard of this for treatment of ADHD. Wow, 20 to 40 sessions sounds really expensive. I would be skeptical, especially since ADHD involves neurotransmitters and dopamine... I'm not certain biofeedback can produce this

There's a company (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use their names here) who sells the unit for neurofeedback. In the price of the unit (which I think costs 1500 for one person) you would also get a few sessions where they train you how to use it and they have support for any questions you have. They have you hook the unit up to your computer somehow so they can first do your assessment to tell you which exercises are right for you. You can then do the treatments in your time as many times as you need to from your home. I promise I don't work for them but I have done enough research about this to know that I am going to get this product. *I'm saving for it now. There are several video's on youtube about this, even one young guy who says he was an addict (with ADD) before he did neurofeedback. I'm cautious who I talk to about this b/c some cynics ask why it's not covered by insurance if it's so good. For one thing, the bottom line is always money, and big Pharma can't claim these as medicinal so there's no profit in it for them-they are the ones that fund these tests and studies on drugs- so they have no interest. It's very expensive to do the studies accurately and some independent companies have done studies with great results for ADHD, focus, anxiety, addiction and Chronic PTSD. If you're interested in the company I've been talking to about this unit I can certainly tell you privately. I'm not sure if we can send messages here privately? Or if I'm allowed to just tell you the name of the company.

Let me know if you would like the name of the company, they do not have a hard sell. They just tell you whatever you need to know.


Thank you, Waterfront!!!! I know I am not crazy because I have read some studies about how biofeedback is really helpful for ADHD yet the price of the sessions are indeed expensive and insurance won't cover it. I've watched youtube videos of people who have gone through the process and listened to their results. I agree there are a lot of cynics about it and I don't understand why because this is not something new. Medication plays a huge role in keeping companies alive yet I question if it really treats ADD or ADHD but just suppress some of the symptoms. I've taken medicine before and it helped (for a while) but it is not permanent. I am interested in strategies (training myself and my fabulous ADHD brain to focus and concentrate without the dependence of medicine solely). Yes, I am very interested in the name of the company you mentioned. I would like for you to email me (if that's possible) the information and I will check it out. Thanks.

Pomelo in reply to Waterfront

Hi Waterfront, have you tried this yet? I have recently read about this and am curious too. It has similar affects to meditation/mindfulness practices, but approaches it with a more technologically advanced method. Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

I like the idea. I may try it

Have you tried this yet? Any results? I have been curious too. Just learned about it and have scheduled a consultation, but it is quite expensive. Thanks.

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