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Bar exam, adderall and no test accommodation

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I’m sitting for the bar exam the last week of February. I have ADHD and take adderall (10 mg 3x a day) but I didn’t get a testing accommodation. Does anyone have any advice for the day of exam? I need tips on how to get through the day. When should I take the adderall to get the most out of it? Help!

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Be as prepared as you pissibly can be. Know everything, inside out, frontwards and backwards, left right and up and down. Relieve the anxiety by giving yourself the comfort of knowing the only way you could possibly fail is not take the take it.

I’ve not taken a bar exam, but I just finished up my coursework in a PhD computer science program. Tests have always been hard for me, especially the math-focused ones. While most people would consider me pretty good at math, problem solving on the spot does tend to take me significantly longer than others.

The best advice I’ve ever been given, and used, is to be as prepared as possible.

How long is the exam and how many questions?

It’s two days, 9 to 5 each day. One day is essay questions and then the next day is 200 multiple choice questions. It’s really the time I’m worried about. I’ve been studying for months. Thanks!!

Ok well I took a professional exam as well recently. For me the best thing was to study very hard and then give it my best shot. Also making sure I was well rested and ready to go.

I recently had to sit for a four hour professional exam. I brought gummy candies with me so that I could manage the time through the pieces of candy. I also did not ask for accommodations because the extra time would not have been helpful. I found that the candies allowed me to sit and focus and "chunk" the time. Good luck!

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Ok I can get behind this! Haha can you give me specifics? How did you use the candy?

I brought two rolls of these: Haribo-Gummi-Roulettes-Mega-Roulette, you can get them on amazon. There were really strict requirements about noise and fidgets, etc... So I wore a very comfortable dress with soft leggings. The dress had pockets. I emptied two rolls of candy in my pockets. I literally sucked on them one at a time throughout the test. It focused me, helped to track time without watching the clock, and I am guessing the motion of eating must have helped too? Plus it was a nice way to be "distracted" by the flavor and eating so that I could focus on the test and not get too distracted by other thoughts. Hope it helps!

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That is genius! They have noise restrictions at this exam, too. Im going to try this. Thank you for sharing!!!

Let me know how it works out; I am curious if it works for others too. It worked for me. I passed my test and sat for 4 hours! Good luck.


Hi. I kow Bar and Step exams are different but like you I had to take all of my professional exams without extra time accommodations. Have you practiced timed exams and timed essays? For me practicing in an environment that replicated the conditions helped. I’m sure you have done this. If your preforming well on your practice timed exams then you’ll do well with time management because it becomes muscle memory. Also this might sound cheesy but it really helps to practice positive talk. Kind of like give yourself a pep talk every day.

The day before the exam, carb load, and sleep, I mean it, you need the stamina for the marathon you’re about to run.

The day of the exam I would have a good, but not heavy breakfast, skip the coffee overload because you don’t want to be running to the bathroom. I would take the adderal as you usually take it (3x per day) your third dose might be needed earlier than usual, as you’re going to be exhausted. And I would take Gatorade, because you’ll want to replenish salt without drinking so much water that makes you go to bathroom too often. Take the advantage of your time breaks. Use them all!

Remember you got this, you’ve put in the hard word, your capable and your going to be calm, confident and accurate on that exam. Be positive.

Hope it went well! I had a friend who had to take it twice and another three times. They don’t have add or adhd. I hope you have some respite!

Did you ask about your disability? John F Kennedy university has a good program. You do need a letter from your doctor verifying you have ADD. but after that I was shown all the things that I could get help with. Which was quite a lot. Then you decide what kind of help you need. I was allowed extra time on tests, I sat in the front of the room where you cannot be disrupted. I could tape record all seminars etc. it really helped. You need more time to do almost anything in school especially tests and long essays.

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