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Did I take my meds this morning?

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So I use an alarm on my phone to remind me but sometimes I can't remember if I actually went and did it. Sometimes I find a pattern which answers my question as to why the meds aren't working?! In a perfect world we would always drop what we are doing and run to the medicine cabinet but the baby you were feeding or the kid you were bandaging may not appreciating you dropping them, figuratively or not. I can't keep track of the weekly or monthly pill boxes etc. So, I keep a sharpie in my med cabinet, when I get the pill bottle I peel back the label and fold it over to make room and make a section for each time of the day I am required to take it and label them respectively. When I take The first pill I mark the date and I use a slash for the rest of the week. On the next Monday I start with a date and slashes again for the rest of the week. If you take two or 3 times a day, all of your date marks should be in the am, all in the afternoon or all in the PM section. This has helped me immensely when I have a change in meds or an addition. Thos goes for vitamins, antibiotic or everyday meds. I will attach a picture here for clarity.

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Have you tried putting the pills in the weekly pill boxes? The kind that has a holder for each day. I have one that is for each day of the week for both morning and evening. Then I only have to look at the box and know if I took my medication. I also take medication at lunch when I am at work. So on Monday morning I put five pills in a small pill box for the week. I know then each day, how many pill should be in there. That is a reminder for me to take it if I need to. I know it can be hard to remember to take it when life is busy and some Sunday mornings I really have to push myself to fill the pill box for the week but it has been a life saver for me.

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I jave tried that but then when I get meds that have 3 times a day i get a luttle screwed up amd I loose the pill box or I dont have enough room for the pill box. For me it has been a little easier than the pill boxes.

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Do you use alarms as reminders?

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I haven't used alarms, partly because I teach and can't have them going off during class and then taking the medication. I am good about taking it with breakfast but I can forget to take my ADD medication later in the morning and at lunch. This year is turning out to be a very difficult school year and I am finding I really have to take the meds 3 times a day to get through the day. Even on the weekends I need to take it at least twice a day in order for me to get anything done. That has been hard to do, especially since I never had to take it that often on the weekends in the past.

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Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. That would be really hard to keep up with.

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Thats awesome that this has helped you and that you found a good strategy! I use an app called "Round Health." You basically enter in the meds you take to the app and the time you take them and then every day you have you will get constant reminders saying "did you take your medicine" and it will stop reminding you when you click "yes."

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