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Hello, I'm pleased to announce that my book on Inattentive ADHD is

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Now Published!

My goal with the book is to give the reader a metaphorical pair of glasses that will demonstrate the point of view of someone who lived 25 years of their life with undiagnosed Inattentive ADHD, or what I like to call, the lesser known subtype of ADHD. In this manner I will take the reader through the common difficulties and immense struggles people with this condition and their families go through within the life cycle, by giving examples of what I myself went through. The chapters will be structured with my own personal stories, a recap that explains why certain problems can or do occur, and some behavioral as well as supplemental advice.

If you're interested in reading it, the book is available on Amazon through kindle and e-reader. Download the free Amazon kindle/ e-reader app on your comp or phone if need be.


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Good luck! I will have to read it soon.

Good luck on the book endeavor!! I also have ADHD/the combines type.. It's not all that bad.. I like the hyperfocusing part! I also just published a short "book" on Amzazon Kindle called "ADHD and Maybe Me" it is a 4 hour window inside my very busy and guilt ridden moms of a parent with said disorder. I would love some feedback as well.. And hey, we should both just be proud we started and finished something am I right???

Hi, thank you and congrats to you as well on publishing a book on ADHD. I'll give it a read once my schedule clears up. And absolutely.....getting a book published is no small task for someone with the condition!

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