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Struggling with life


Hello , I have not been diagnosed for adhd yet due to insurance not covering it . But I know myself & all the symptoms paint adhd as what I have been struggling with my whole life . I would like to get help or try medicine or tool that can help , but not sure where to start . I’m a mother of 3 young children & I struggle daily keeping things going , as a result my anxiety & depression have increased and I feel like a failure at everything I try . Any advice

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ADHD is no joke. I was diagnosed at 32 after my son was diagnosed. When I started the meds it was like a veil lifted from my eyes and, truly, there I was.... can you get to a doc? Free clinic? Sliding scale mental health? Then find a local charity, Like United Way here in the states. Good luck.

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To buy your meds that is. Local charity. Churches?

I haven't been diagnosed yet officially either, and I also believe this illness has been plaguing me my entire life. I know how you feel! Keep believing in yourself, and trust me I know how hard that shit is, and research a clinic that will do it for free or let you make payments. I'm sure there's a doctor out there that would help you.

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