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Seeking a reputable Dr in the Bay Area, Marin or Sonoma County

Ive been living/struggling with undiagnosed ADHD for my whole life. I’m 37 and just in the recent years started to understanding what adhd is and how it affects relationships, families etc. I’ve been “diagnosed” by my primary care physician and been on and off adderall but never been given an actual evaluation that was followed by behavioral therapy or even consistent medication.

I am finally at the point where my relationship with my partner isn’t ever going to improve if I don’t make the necessary changes and get properly diagnosed and treated.

I could use a referral for a reputable Dr. In the Bay Area, preferably someone on Marin or Sonoma County area. Any help is greatly appreciated


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Try psychologicallytoday.com. You can find doctors in your area that specializes in your disorders


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