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I have all the symptoms for ADHD.for the past 10 years I've been given medication for anxiety and depression and they never works as I educated myself more about ADHD I knew I had it and it answered a lot of questions for me about how I felt when I was a child in growing up I've been going to a psychiatrist for the past 2 years and they she feels though as if I have anxiety and depression which I do but I expressed to her that I feel I have ADHD and in return she said I don't feel like you have ADHD she never did any diagnostics test or anything she just changed the medication I'm on to a different depressive medication I don't know what I should do now how do I go about getting diagnosed with ADHD.if I continue to listen to my psychiatrist I'm never going to get any better I don't know what I should do please help any suggestions?

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Get a competent doctor. Full stop.

Depressive and anxious episodes are often indirect consequences of ADHD, due to the frequent crises that are its direct consequences.

I agree with HadEnuf. It was others who were close to me that discovered my adult ADHD after they watched episodes about people with ADHD on different talk shows.

Honestly though, just watching the talk shows was enough for a "light-bulb" over the head moment for me. Suddenly, everything made sense about it. ADHD fit perfectly as a reason for why I was how I was. So, we went off in search of psychiatrists that would evaluate me, but also take my history, as told by myself and my ex-wives, into account.

(BTW: I spoke to my mother about me possibly having ADHD and she said that they already knew that as I had been diagnosed with it when I was very young, but they did not want to put me on the medications, at the time. DOH!)

If ADHD makes "too much sense" as a reason for the way you are, I think that you owe it to yourself to find a center or someone who specializes in ADHD, especially "Adult ADHD."

Good Luck!!!

P.S. The medications cannot fix everything, but the right doctors and treatment for you will go a long way towards helping you with this.

Jaxtonpallas what part of the country do you live in? I might be able to ask around to see if I could help you find a good psychiatrist who gets what you’re going through. I’m really good at researching doctors and I’ve seen several all over the country due to the lack of competent ones I’ve been to in Houston, which is where I live.

Hello thank you for responding i live in upstate ny the hudson valley.i cant thank you enough.this is such a hard situation

I just asked Gina Pera, the author of “Is It You, Me, of ADD?” if she knows of anyone near you. Waiting on her to respond.

Read this article. Especially the section titled “Symptoms May Be Chalked up to Personality“


From Gina....

I have a Facebook friend who seems familiar with ADHD. She is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. But if it's an adult you had in mind, maybe that person could ask her for referrals.

Alli Giordano, Rochester.


****please be aware that Gina doesn’t like to give credit to experts in this field unless they truly deserve it and she knows for fact that they know what they are talking about because soooooo many do not. For her to say she “seems to familiar with ADHD” is way more legitimate than it sounds because she’s very honest and she knows how many Dr’s are out there claiming they know everything there is to know about ADHD when they really don’t.

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