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I've had depression, anxiety, ptsd but started learning about ADHD and realized that is most likely the real underlying cause of my problems.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss it. Appointment set for 2:something on Thursday. I put 2 in my calendar so I wouldn't be late. I'm thinking it was actually 2:20.

This morning I woke up determined not to miss my appointment. I went to lunch and realized it was already 2 and so I called the dr office to ask exactly what time is my appointment again? She says it's tomorrow at 2,:something and specifies the exact time.

I said ok thanks.

I look at my phone calendar and there it is, today is Wednesday and the only thing on my calendar is the appointment tomorrow at 2. And I have already forgotten what time exactly, probably 2:20. I'll just go at 2, because it is too embarrassing to call again to ask what time again.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. ADHD is very much misunderstood, a lot of people have a preconceived idea what it is, but they don't know, anyone who doesn't have it can't fully understand. It sucks! Being late or missing appointments are very common, Im always running in to make my appointments. Put alarms on you phone to remind you. i set one in the morning and then one about an hour before my appointment, longer if its further away. Good luck at your appointment, let us know how it went. Everyone here is si patient and understanding. we have all been there before to. It really is a big relief when you do get the diagnosis, and you are not alone.

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