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Is 5 mg adderall supposed to make you super chill?

Focused, yes, but not annoyed/worried by the things that normally annoy/worry you OR excited/interested by the things that normally excite/interest you? Normal?

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I always feel more chill when taking stimulants - they help me regulate my emotions a great deal and they also calm the anxiety get when my ADHD keeps me from performing well.

They **don't** make me feel uninterested in the things I like though - what you're describing sounds more like the "zombie mode" some people experience as a side-effect ( ). That usually means that the dose is too high for you (5mg might sound like a tiny amount, but everyone's body chemistry is different and will react to different dosages).

If it were me, I would try cutting the dose in half for a day and see if that gave me the same focus but without "super chill" side-effects.

Also, make sure you're getting enough sleep and drinking enough water! Lack of sleep causes me to feel dazed and unresponsive, and sometimes my meds will exacerbate that.


5mg is a low enough dose to see how you personally will react I've had great experiences with it unfortunately I'm at the end where it's not enough but 5 is great and everyone is different but by first week you'll know if it's for you or not I think it will be clear to you


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