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New to me at 26

l was recently diagnosed with mental instability due to adhd. At first they thought I was bipolar but mood stabilizers and antidepressants never did any good. For the longest time I've felt like a failure at everything and just wanted to end it all especially after I had my kids (sounds bad but it's all so overwhelming) I obviously haven't done it but the thoughts are still there. My first appointment to hopefully start the right meds is next month and then maybe I'll be the wife and mother my family deserves. Thanks for reading.

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Mood stabilizers don’t do much for me either. I’m fighting my doctors right now. He wants to give me more mood stabilizers


I've been on mood stabilizers and antidepressants since I was a teenager never did any good. Always struggled in school and one time someone gave me an adderall at school and I paid attention did my work and wound up getting in trouble for cussing out my teacher because he mocked me while for once I was trying to learn in his class


Hang in there!

As I imagine you've read, bipolar mood disorder is an all-too-common misdiagnosis of ADHD, between superficial resemblance of hyperactivity and hyperfocus to mania or hypomania and the frequency of episodic, situational depression arising from the conflict consequent to ADHD symptoms and an elevated sensitivity to social rejection also common in ADHD.

I was lucky: they figured out what I was dealing with, while I was a child (when it was still being called “minimal brain disorder”); but I was unlucky in that it was assumed wrongly to “go away” in adolescence, leaving me with a LOT of wreckage to explain.

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