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im new here

im 24 years old and i was diagnosed with adhd at 5. it has been a struggle for years and affecting my life socially, emocionally, psicologically and financially. it has been so difficult and frustrating but i haven't given up. i still hope for the best for my life. i had a job once but got fired for something stupid that i did. Currently, i m unemployed, I do odd jobs, once in a while. Anyway, I would like to talk to people and maybe get some opinions about AdHD.

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Yes ADHD is very hard to deal with. I was diagnosed in my 50s but I've survived. One thing to really watch is your impulsivity it's almost like another person inside you.be very conscious of that.


Seeing a therapist and psychiatrist who you find as a good fit for you can help. Getting the right help can feel very overwhelming and impossible at times but there out there you just have to want it bad enough and eventually you’ll get what you need. Not all at once of course.

For me lately I’ve been working on with myself self awareness, compassion and empathy


This is basically me, but summarized. Even though I haven't given up sometimes I wish I would or I fall into that mindset a lot. And I've never had a job, but have always wanted to be in the working life for 4 years now. It also sucks in conjunction with poor motor skills too, which come off as an insult to injury.


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