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New here!

Not sure where to start. 42yo female ADHD. 9 yr old son also with ADHD.

Disorganization to say the least. Husband does not have ADHD.

I can’t seem to stay consistent with household anything!!! Piles of clothes, papers, etc.

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Hi! I am new too and can completely relate. I am 38 and newly diagnosed with ADD and have five kids with varying types and degrees of ADHD. I too struggle with being consistent, and with piles. It is very discouraging and sometimes depressing. I always tell my family that the only thing I am consistent with is being inconsistent. LOL All we can do is keep trying, and trying and not giving up. HUGS


I got ideas for a coach and therapist--cog./behave. through google and a Psychology today online mag. in my area--CT I am also taking 2 ADD and ADHD meds--Straterra and Vyvanse. I am still disorganized and can't remember things--60 yrs. old. The other thing is the depression, Wellbutrin. Having a coach could even be a progressive L.C.S.W. social worker. give yourself some space and try to write down the days/weeks plans - you sound willing! good luck!

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