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Newly Diagnosed ADD- Adult

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Recently diagnosed with Adult in the Cleveland Oh area...60 yr old male. Looking for local support in this area or on line here. Maybe someone can recommend a psychiatrist or specialist in this area so I can get my meds right all this is new for me and trying to process

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Can't help with specific recommendations for psychiatrist as I am in the Chicago area. I was also diagnosed just a couple years ago at age 59. Meds have definitely helped. I just went through my health insurance and my regular MD referred me to my insurance mental health provider. In an area as large as Cleveland, I would bet there are a number of ADHD- familiar psychiatrists. I thought there was somewhere on this site that helped search for specialists, but maybe I'm misremembering.

Good luck!

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Call the Clinic. I bet they could help you.

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Check to see if you have CHADD it's a support group for people with ADHD. I don't have one here unfortunately, but I recently posted in our community Facebook site asking if anyone has ADD, I was hoping to find some local support. I was surprised that about 9 people responded. Out of those people I was able to talk to one person who is a lot like me. Now it's trying to arrange a time for us to meet.

I was just diagnosed last year, after 36 years of struggling to figure out what on earth was wrong with me.

Meds seem to be making a difference for sure. If you have insurance, I'd go with their most recommended psychiatrist, and then look them up on the internet. Usually you can find information on the specific doctor outside what your insurance provides to kind of cross check. The right doctor can make all the difference in the world. I'm in the south west, so I couldn't suggest anyone in Cleveland unfortunately, but there is support here, at a minimum, and that's a lot.

The facebook idea is a good one. I'm going to look to see if there is a CHADD chapter here. Sure would be helpful to talk to people face to face regarding all the struggles, and make meaningful connections and friends.

I'd also recommend an ADHD coach if you can find one, I don't have one yet, but I've heard it can be life changing. Also if you need help processing emotional issues, I'd find a LMHC (licensed mental health counselor) or a psychologist. Talk therapy is great for relieving pent up emotional stress.

Other tools include meditation (actually proven to improve focus), yoga (or just stretching) to help relieve stress.

Finally, there are some great tools on youtube. "howtoadhd" is a channel with a perky, sweet, red-head who turned her adhd into a business in basically discussing topics on ADHD (which she also has). She also brings in a lot of great researchers like Dr. Ed Hallowell (psychiatrist who's written several books surrounding ADHD, who is also a fellow ADHDer). And other's who struggle with ADHD and have been successful dealing with it and found ways to be successful in life.

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look at ADDA organization inexpensive yearly fee $50/year and groups that meet weekly about ADHD helping topics for ADHDers. Webinars. Lots of good resources.

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