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Newly Diagnosed ADD- Adult

Recently diagnosed with Adult in the Cleveland Oh area...60 yr old male. Looking for local support in this area or on line here. Maybe someone can recommend a psychiatrist or specialist in this area so I can get my meds right all this is new for me and trying to process

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Can't help with specific recommendations for psychiatrist as I am in the Chicago area. I was also diagnosed just a couple years ago at age 59. Meds have definitely helped. I just went through my health insurance and my regular MD referred me to my insurance mental health provider. In an area as large as Cleveland, I would bet there are a number of ADHD- familiar psychiatrists. I thought there was somewhere on this site that helped search for specialists, but maybe I'm misremembering.

Good luck!


Call the Clinic. I bet they could help you.


Check to see if you have CHADD it's a support group for people with ADHD. I don't have one here unfortunately, but I recently posted in our community Facebook site asking if anyone has ADD, I was hoping to find some local support. I was surprised that about 9 people responded. Out of those people I was able to talk to one person who is a lot like me. Now it's trying to arrange a time for us to meet.


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