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traped inside a childs mind

hi im a 43yr old man;but i act like a seven yr old boy i havent yet been told by a doc that im adhd but when i spoke to my sister this morning and told me what adhd is i could feel something just fitting in to place;as ive growen up my life has been a mixture of things and i got into a life of trouble. i strugled to cope with things i still do but i hate not knowing if i do have adhd but ive always known im different and had a behavior problem from a young age;cos i stared using street drugs at the age of 19 20 the docs put it down to that is why i am the way i am ive alaways known its not and its funny cos i take amphetamine and it calms me down;the medicine they use to treat people with adhd is almost the same. now ive caused so much chaos in my life im finding it hard to move on in my life;all i need is help helpi;g me cope with my problem but dont know how or where i need to start to start putting my life in order cos ive gone to so many docs psychologists not one has picked up on this. why not and am i adhd;

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Hi Hidden,

It sounds to me like you have ADHD and have been struggling with it your entire life. It's very hard to function as a productive person with so many thoughts and ideas running through your mind. I was fortunate to be diagnosed in elementary school and took Ritalin for years. To which, it probably helped me slow down and focus enough to graduate elementary, middle, high school. Now, somehow I've achieved college graduation. I attribute faith in God and prayer to being able to function and having decent relationships with others. Is there a church or support group in your area that you can reach out to ? If you don't feel comfortable with the human interaction and difficulties that can bring, you can find a Bible and start reading the book of John. I urge you not to give up. You spoke of the chaos you created, but you must realize that most people have things that they've messed up badly. Don't be ashamed to try new things to learn who you are. At your age there's still a lot of years ahead of you. Keep your head up and well wishes to you.


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