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Teacher Wants To Learn

I'm brand new to this group!

As a teacher, I find it ironic at times that I give advice to parents to help their children get organized when I struggle daily with executive functioning myself. My car is often the last car on the lot because I can not focus on task completion until everyone else is gone.

The beginning of a new school year is bringing all of my procrastinating to a stressful reality. I have never been medicated for my ADHD but have seriously considered it at times.

What resources are there for adults who are considering whether medication would be beneficial?

Thanks in advance for guiding me to helpful resources.

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I too am new to this group as well as an adult with ADHD. As a teacher myself, you are so right with the ability to help others yet not myself. Especially when it comes to organization and finishing my tasks. SO much so that it is extremely tiring and frustrating. I recently decided to take medication. I will be honest, I was hesitant....but after being on it now for a few months, game changer in so many ways. I am able to remain focused on my tasks which is huge. I still need to be actively aware of time and keeping things on track. The medication does not fix the disorganization, but it allows me the focus I need to help get things in order more effectively. There are many medications out there. I take Concerta. I have no issues with it at all. I will definitely speak with your doctor about the advantages, and disadvantages, of medication. Mine had me try it step by step until the dosage was accurate. Good luck!


I feel your pain!


I am a retired teacher, and I agree about struggles with ADHD. What I find helpful is totally planning everything and using that planning system, whether online or on paper. With me, it is an actual planner. Find one that is fun to follow, and put your stuff in it. This is not your playbook for school, this is YOUR own planner! Write what you need to remember, whether it is groceries, calling someone, or remembering a birthday. The ironic thing is, this is what you already tell your kids, probably! Good luck!


*planbook for school, not playbook! :)


Thanks for this. I find that planning things out in greater length helps to keep me on track. its a daunting task sometimes!