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Want to conquer this thing called ADHD!

I am 36 and have recently been diagnosed with ADHD...i think the hardest thing to do is to be patient with myself. I feel like okay...how do I cure this thing -and now... and what I am realising is that there are no quick fixes. That makes me sad. I have recently got off venlor - because I found it to be a nasty drug for me...but i have become so unproductive being off it. I have been on wellbutrin for about 10 years for depression...but am anxious to up the dosage because of the anxiety it can cause. Feeling quite alone in my journey because people just don't seem to get it...they look at me and think I'm okay ...but inside I want to do so much more. I am so tired of procrastinating. I am so tired of my clutter.

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I love quick fixes!! Everything I do I always try and find a quicker way of doing it. Nobody around me understands my choices and no one ever understands me but this forum is amaazing because it is full of great people who all understand each other so you are not alone❤❤


I feel you! recently diagnosed at 38...its a struggle that's for sure. I am not a lazy person, but others see that because I fail, constantly, to complete the things I start or I just put off what I need to get done. Its so upsetting because the feeling of failure is there so often. And that sucks. there is absolutely no quick fix. It is a process that we deal with daily and we need to be as positive as possible. This is difficult for me though because when I forget something I am so incredibly hard on myself. I have been taking Concerta though and I find that it helps me quite a bit to get rid of all that excess "clutter" in my head and be able to focus. Talk to your doctor about that. Maybe it will help. Also, it is so important to talk about ways to help with others so that we create our strong web to hold us all together.

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