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Does anyone know of a website you can go to find tutors who specialize with ADHD?

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Just curious.. are you asking for academic tutoring for you child who has ADHD?

If so.. then I can chime in..

We have not had good luck with the corporate tutoring agencies. We have paid and tried both Kumon and Huntington learning. Both have their own agenda and work on a curriculum. This is not tied to the school curriculum at all. their goal is basic math and English and increasing their knowledge.

We are now using Varsitytutors online. The have independent tutor who are paid by the hour. We have had good luck with setting up sessions that work for our very busy schedule.

All they will do is take material that needs to be worked on ( I upload textbook images and outlines) and they review it. They do not assist with organization and keeping up with daily assignments. Our son has gotten much better since COVID where he was 100% online and had to manage everything. He has a 504 plan that allows for late turn in when needed and he rarely hands thing in late.

We also have a math tutor through the school to review each chapter and help him on math re-takes. This is 3 days a week. We do Varsietytutors 4x a week ( 2 math 2 english).

Hope this helps. If you do not have an educational plan I strongly encourage this. Some schools especially middle and high have a study skills class to assist with work by a credential teacher.

I took the plunge and signed my son up for coaching. There’s an app based coaching program designed to help kids with ADHD develop their executive function skills. The company is called Coachbit. They “meet” with the kids every weekday for short periods of time. So far my son seems engaged.

Wow! That sounds great. I will see if my son will try it.

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