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How do you get used to your child yelling that they hate you on a every other day basis? My daughter who's six just got diagnosed with ADHD, and this is a constant thing we deal with. I'm a working full-time parent and I try my very best to be a good mom.

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Hi, sorry to hear your going through such a rough time. My son is also 6 and diagnosed with ADHD at 5. Honestly, until we found the right med combo things were rough. Your daughter doesn't want to yell at you that she hates you she just has big emotions that she cannot control right now. My son is doing MUCH better now. He takes a stimulant (Ritalin) a non stimulant (Guanfacine) and also fluxoteine for anxiety. I understand it's hard to make the choice to use medication but it really is a key factor in helping them.

Welcome, I know what it 's like to be busy working. I also know what it's like to have a child with ADHD. Most children with ADHD do best with 3 tools: thearpy, medication and when needed an educational plan. Some people also add parenting classes. We understand getting these set up takes a while but they can really help children deal with the symptoms of ADHD.

Children with ADHD don't have the ability to describe why they misbehave, they just do it and all behavior is communication.

We are always here for you if you need us.

Have a great day, big hug for your struggles.

This is so hard and I’ve been there! A huge component of a ADHD is emotional regulation which is very much misunderstood and not appreciated by teachers and professionals. When my daughter started on the right ADHD medication and it changed everything. Hang in there keep asking for what you need. It can get better! Also check out Jessica McCabe on YouTube she has a series of videos called how to AdHd. She’s amazing and talks a lot about girls but I think what she has to say applies to everyone struggling with this disorder and their loved ones. Your daughter doesn’t hate you she’s just struggling with handling all her emotions which are huge as kids are developing and she doesn’t have everything she needs to manage them. But she will if you keep plugging away. Hang in

Hi there - I relate completely. My soon to be 6 yr old son says he hates me too when his very angry. Also a constant and I also work very full time. It is a complete struggle everyday. I was just watching a webinar about dealing with ADHD symptoms from CHADD site and it expressed that as parents we can naturally feel offended by the things our kids say, but remembering, albeit so so hard, that it is an expression of emotions they aren't able to regulate, anger in this case. I tell my son, you don't hate me honey, you feel angry at me, and I am super sad you feel that way. He'll proceed to throw things and make things worse in matter what I say..but if my body language is such that I am still accepting of him even when he is angry and wait it out until he is calm, he comes around. And I re-explain he doesn't hate me, he loves me and I love him too.

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