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Feeling completely defeated

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My son has ADHD and Autism. I finally got him an appointment to be evaluated and receive diagnostic testing for Autism diagnostic diagnosis. (He has been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist and put on medication already). Only to find out I cannot afford the co-pay for ongoing ABA if he qualifies. My son is almost unmanageable at this point. I live on edge all day at home as he has continued multiple meltdowns, often violent ones. I was so happy to be moving forward and now I feel like we will not even be able to progress due to the lack of financial means. I am completely defeated and feel he will never get the care he needs and we will be living this daily nightmare forever. I’m at a loss as a parent. I continue to push forward to get him help only to be hit with continual roadblocks. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any way to receive help with insurance co pays?

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We are so excited you have joined us. Big.. big hug and deep breaths we can help you. Many of us have or are dealing with the same things.

Just starting the process is a sign you are a wonderful mom and that you want change..

We are together on this journey.

There will best step to take but start slow and you should see great progress.

Medication will be a trial but since you are working with a psychiatrist they understand this. Starting with medication will allow him to be much calmer and start to listen and learn.

It will not happen over night but you will get progress.

I live in California, we have Alta CA regional center, do you know what agency helps children and parents with Autism?

If not let me know your state and we will find out. They can then guide you with assistance with ABA and maybe help with funding resources for Autism ( and of course ADHD).

Thanks again for joining. Other parents will help you also.

Take care,

I’m in the same situating please help


Have you dealt with your local public school? The are required to provide services that will help your child succeed. We are fortunate enough not to have to worry about co-pays, but the free public school program has been the most valuable resource we’ve had!

Yes. I met with the school last week and started him on a 504 plan. My biggest barrier is getting him to school. With it being a new school in a new state he’s so anxious, he’s just refusing to leave the house and go. I refuse to drag him out and all my positive reinforcement tactics have been exhausted so I’m just at a loss.

If he has barriers to school he should have an IEP with all services to help him. Please consider getting an IEP. If he had an IEP he should qualify for transportation. Please let us know if you have any more questions we can help with.

Many buses have an attendant on them to help the kids.

Oh mama, I hear you. We live in a state that didn’t require insurance to cover ABA at the time we were being diagnosed. It felt very desperate. Thankfully, that has changed for us.

Depending on your state, your child may qualify for state benefits like Medicaid. Even if you don’t qualify financially, his autism diagnosis may qualify him. In dimes states, Medicaid covers ABA. When I was trying to find resources for us, I found Autism Speaks to be very helpful. Their website is great, and you can also call and speak to someone who may be able to point you in the direction of additional resources. Here’s the number 1-888-AUTISM2.

Whatever you do, know that this is a marathon. You have to just keep running it. It’s been almost 2 years since our diagnosis. We are finally to a place where we don’t feel like we are drowning, and we have hope for our kiddo’s happy future. You got this, lady.

Thank you! I do not qualify financially for Medicaid (I’m just barely over the limit). I did reach out to the disability Medicaid dept regarding the waiver. they said to apply, which I will do this weekend. It’s a 12-18 month wait list, but hopefully I will get lucky. I feel a bit more hopeful, but still can’t believe how much I will have to try to pay or reduce his visits to afford. It’s unfortunate as he needs this so badly just to get him back on track to steady school attendance.

What state do you live in?

We just moved from CA to Indiana. He had Medicaid before now he’s just on my employer insurance.


This looks like an agency that can help you. They have a section on financial resources.

Good luck in finding help.

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