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Weighted blanket

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My 8-year old ADHD son can struggle falling asleep at night. During the school week, we often give him Olly melatonin gummies to help him get a good nights rest for school the next day. I’ve also read a lot about weighted blankets- has anyone here found them helpful?

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We use weighted blankets for all of the adhd people in our home. The adhd kids also use Dr. Squish compression sheets. The kids say they help a lot. I use a weighted blanket (adhd and anxiety for me) and it does help.

We also use melatonin and a sound machine. Also a diffuser with (high quality not MLM) lavender oil

Thank you so much! This is very helpful feedback!

Unfortunately weighted blankets did not work for my 11 yr old son, but a particular brand of melatonin has been extraordinary for him. You can get it on Amazon. Ozzzz Melatonin for kids. We use just one pill and 20 minutes later he’s snoozing. It’s a very low dose of melatonin but it’s combined with magnesium and camomile and my Dr said that is what allows just the low dose to work. Hope that helps.

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Great to know and will check that brand out! Thank you!

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We do a magnesium supplement too! Highly recommend

Our psychiatrist recommends Melatonin if needed. Sleep is very important for our son.

Hi 😊 I recently purchased a weighted blanket for my 12yr old Son,& he really loves it, other than to aid sleep, he throws it over him when he is having a melt down/anger burst (he also has ASD/Aspergers) & it helps calm him down like a giant hug 🤗.Prior to the weighted blanket, I purchased a vapour light, changes colour & you add essential oil, I used to add Lavender oil & there was a Sleep oil by trussard? It is expensive but works wonders! (I got a set from Tkmaxx & was much cheaper) it used to really help him fall to sleep(along with the back & forth "goodnight , I love you millions trillions etc etc " ritual for about 15 mins a night, that we still have to do, haha bless 🙃).

I purchased the weighted blanket from eBay & was a reasonable £22, if I can send the link I will do) 🌷

Thank you for sharing! I appreciate your thoughts! Bedtime is quite the routine for us as well!

Aahh no problem, you're welcome 🌷 thankyou 😊 when my son stays with his dad, it's weird because I actually miss the tasking bedtime routine, I actually miss the comp of who is going to get the last "Love you" in! Haha...I tried to send you the Blanket link, unfortunately as its attached to my personal details ie from purchase history ,a message frm healthunlocked popped up & advised not to post ☹ Weighted blankets can be really expensive & the one I found was reasonably priced & great quality for the try out, luckily my son finds it really useful..Hope routine gets easier for you all in the near future, when my son was your sons age up until 10 years old it was the most difficult period of time for him to fall asleep, it has thankfully got easier 🍀😊

I know one day I’ll miss these days and the tender moments of bedtime. Thanks for trying to send the link, I’ll head to Amazon and do some research.

My 9-year old son LOVES his weighted blanket. They are expensive, but definitely worth it. The weighted blankets provide deep pressure proprioceptive input. Deep touch pressure works by applying weight or pressure to provide proprioceptive input; this input calms and modulates the central nervous system which, in turn, aids the processing of sensory information. For our busy ADHD kiddos, it seems like they have endless energy, but they don't. I know my son is exhausted, even if he is all over the place, and if he can remain still and quiet, he will fall asleep. The weighted blanket does just that; it gets him still and calm. It's amazing. I hope it works for your child!

P.S. For all of the families using melatonin, please remember that it's only recommended for short-term, sporadic use. If your body is constantly supplied with synthetic melatonin, your brain (pineal gland) will believe it no longer needs to produce it on its own. Using it every night, and for long-term, can mess up your child's natural melatonin production and circadian rhythm. Also, some studies found that long-term melatonin use in children may delay puberty onset. Please talk to your child's pediatrician!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m glad to hear it’s been helpful to your son! I ordered one and can’t wait for my son to try it when it arrives. Sleep is so important! And good reminder regarding melatonin!

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