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Does ADHD kids shout inappropriately for attention!!

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my son is 9yrs with ADHD. Some times he dose odd behaviour like shouting and blabbering, i understand that he is trying to get my attention or he is trying to show his feelings. He does it especially when people are around. How to handle this situation. How to make him understand.

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Thank you for sharing what is happening with your son. Welcome to the group, we are always here to support you. Most children with ADHD function about 2 years younger than their age. So it is more like he is acting like a 7 year old.

Also, many children with ADHD struggle with volume control.

Do you think he is extra excited about something and doesn't know how to control himself? Or do you think he feels like you are not paying attention?

Here are 2 suggestions: bring something to play with for him while shopping ( and maybe a treat) and when you enter he will be distracted.

You can tell him if he doesn't yell out ( not sure how many times he does it ) no times you will give him X.. the X is something he really likes, if you don't want to give him food, then extra electronic time or play time or anything he loves when you leave/get in the car.

He is learning self control and this is key with children with ADHD. It does not sound like he is taking medication to help him control himself.

Hope these suggestions help.

Thank for the reply, It means a lot. Well i would see that kind of behaviour in both the circumstances.

He does not express him self at all. If at all he has to, he does this way(especially when people are around). I feel embarrassed in front of so many people. how to make him clam is the difficult task. he wont be in a position to listen what i say. Will this technique u mentioned works.

How to encourage him in expressing himself? so far i am in terms of guessing his feelings and his answers would be yes r no. How to guide him in controlling his aggressive feelings?

Can you suggest me any classes for parents on how to handle ADHD kid. I want to know more about him so that i can deal him better. Thanks for your support.

Hi, I had a related question earlier in the week about social skills classes. My kids often will burst out random thoughts or jokes at inappropriate times or not be able to read people's reactions. We are working with a CBT to help train us as parents to handle lots of issues, so that is something you could look into for parent training. I also thought about social classes for my kids but right now with the pandemic it's too hard. Instead I am trying out practicing during meal times together about basic conversation rules and etiquette. I am making it into a game where they score points for keeping a conversation going on the same topic - ask questions, resist correcting and trying to "be right" all the time, comment nicely, making only a joke if it relates to the subject etc. Also lots of prep helps before going into a social situation. I often forget to do that and then things can go badly. Hope that helps a little!

Hi, Yes even my son does, suddenly he laugh of loud remembering some day joke not only that he keeps asking me the same question again and again expecting the same answer. Does ADHD will have repetitive disorder also. Yes, even i tried playing such type games, but my other kid takes most of the chances she is younger than him and she feels bad if i object her. Thanks for ur suggestions

There might be something more than ADHD going on if he’s not able to express to you at all how he’s feeling. Have you talked to a pediatrician about him?

A therapist can be very helpful in teaching him to recognize and express his feelings, and helping you to reinforce what he’s learning at home. You can model this for him by naming his feelings for him, which it sounds like you’re already doing, and even doing it for yourself when he’s around (e.g., I’m feeling a little frustrated right now. I can tell because my face feels hot and my stomach is getting tight, or whatever applies for you). Agree with Momtrying that there may be some anxiety here, as well. Have you done any neuropsychological testing to tease out any underlying issues, aside from the ADHD?

i had visited quite a few centres and doctors, One revealed it as ADHD. Initially i thought its Autism. By physical examination and some questioner they had come to conclusion. Can you please suggest me is there any other way we can examine.

He does express if i force him to lil bit. I need to push him to express. Initially it was bad like he wont express if he gets hurt or hungry, now he is telling. I could see lot of change in him after his 7th yr. He sounds very innocent, as told by onthemove1971 he behaves younger to his age. Any activity we need to initiated and need to push. He follows the routine. If at all we go to party all kids will be enjoying the game, if he joins the game he wont stay for long. he will search for his fav place and will be in this world. I thought he is improving but some times i feel he is still not alright. He was diagnosed ADHD when he was 5yrs. I have been following their instructions and i could see betterment in him. I still dint go for any medication.

Sorry do you mean he can not talk, or does he just not say "I am happy" I am sad".

What are you doing to help him? Therapy? Medication? Help in school?

What kind of doctor is he seeing to help him?


I would understand from his behaviour, he wont say i am happy. He is not that expressive. If i ask him he would say all that. I am doing self teaching taking help from school teachers. Its been an year i revisited a doctor. i came across this site and felt happy to be part of it. This is my first post. Thank you

We’re glad you’re here. Where do you live? In the U.S., you can request a comprehensive evaluation (neuropsychological, or neurocognitive testing) through your child’s school or through a psychologist. This testing would include tests to measure functioning in cognitive/intellectual, learning/academic abilities, and social/emotional areas. Some of the “tests” are for your child; some are more like questionnaires for you to complete. This typically takes 3-6 hours to complete. It’s great that he’s able to express his feelings when you prompt him, but the goal of course is for him to learn to recognize these feelings and verbalize them independently. I’d strongly recommend working with a psychotherapist on this. They should be able to answer questions about testing and help with referrals, as well, if needed. Is he working with any specialists at the school, like a speech pathologist/speech therapist? That might be helpful, as well.

I am from Southern part of India. i had done this psychological evaluation when he was 6yrs old and said he has ADHD. He suggested me weekly once Speech theory and gave me some instructions on how to make him better. They said he have mild symptoms .Schools here does not have these facility. I will surely take up your suggestions. Thank you so much !!!

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