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Parent with a teen with ADHD

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I'm new here and I have a teen with ADHD and is there anything else other than medications to help control ADHD and allow for more focus? Also my new health plan is battling with me on Vivance and we have to try other meds even though Vivance works but without Insurance approval, it is still very costly...any advice? Maybe also taking a look at holistic meds? Very frustrating for a parent to go through more hoops and hurdles when things were working and now things change due to a new health plan coverage and there's nothing I can do about it.

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For the meds, try GoodRx (or something similar) and then pay out if pocket. My son's med is approximately $400 per month if submitted through insurance but under $200 per month with GoodRx. If your insurer isn't paying anyway, no sense submitting through insurance. So many plans have large deductible for prescriptions these days, even if your insurance approves, you may up up paying more by submitting through insurance.

There is certainly more to management of ADHD than just the meds. I usually use the term "there legged stool" to describe it. The "legs" are medications, lifestyle modifications at home and accommodations (IEP or 504 Plan) at school. Happy to expound, but your question was on helping focus. For us, the second best thing to meds is exercise. Lots of studies to support the benefits of exercise for ADHD. Also very important is a regular schedule including a regular bedtime (which is tough with a teen) and a consistent routine. Sometimes familiarity (almost like "muscle memory" but that's not really what I mean) takes the place of focus to allow things to happen without much thought. It's like when your car seems to get you home even when you are aren't paying attention. Good luck. Be well.

I have an 8 year old son. We don't medicate it. We basically handle it with its therapy sections. School accommodations for the different deficiencies that he has. We go to a naturopathic doctor who helps us with supplementation. Especially in vitamins and minerals that he is deficient. We also take him to a chiropractor. And in our daily life we use aromatherapy. It is not easy, but it is possible. I recommend that you read the Finally Focus book. This book help us a lot.

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Hi Carmenaurora

I love your response. I want to take my daughter off medications and I think the Finally Focus book can help. I am wondering where you found a naturopathic doctor for your child?

and the chiropractor... is that for treatment of the ADHD?

thank you so much,


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I am glad to know that my answer is helpful to you. I'm from Puerto Rico, I don't know what area you are. I would recommend trying to find one in your area of residence. About chiropractic, it helps on a general level. And in my opinion, yes, it could help ADHD. Especially in lowering hyperactivity and anxiety. ADHD has to do with a neurological problem. In chiropractic adjustments they may release nerves that helps improve the condition. My son loves going to the chiropractor. He even asks for it himself when he feels he needs to go.

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Thank you so much!

Thanks for the replies and advice. For VyVance GoodRx is not really effective. He does excercise through his health class in high school (online) and actually he is very good at organization and he follows a schedule so we don't have issues with that...more, it's the focus and the "what else other than meds can help" parts...this pandemic and keeping isolated from contact with others, friends and all is also very hard and not helping his's rough on everyone, actually...

There is "prescription hope," but discounts are income based. Hang in there on the rest of it. Sounds like you are doing the best you can.

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