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Educational therapist?

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I am curious if anyone has worked with or has experience with an Educational therapist?

Most I am most interested in is getting our son to love/learn to love to learn. I know that might sound strange, but he hates to learn many things. Of course when it is high interest he will be excited, but anything else he is not interested in.

Now that we have finished middle school and have so much time on our hands, I will not allow him to just sit and watch youtube or play video games ( all of these devices are locked up.

I believe these therapist get kids to really enjoy to learn again.

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I have not but this sounds very interesting:) good luck and if you find one please keep the group posted about the success your son has!

Hi Onthemove1971,

Yes, I tried to find one about 4 yrs ago and after lots of sorting thru tutors and similar, I found a person who seemed to fit that experience description, specialized in ADHD students and had a few good reviews.

We had her come to our home about 6-8 times on a regular schedule. We gave them privacy and quiet from an active 3yr old sibling. I expected this person to engage our 9th (10th?) grade student, to discuss prioritizing assignments of different classes by due dates and difficulty level, to help estimate time to allot, etc. I expected the scaffolding that an ADHD learner needs to juggle high school.

There must have been a misunderstanding. Her idea was to sit beside my child while they worked, and then, when the child was off task staring into space (as inattentive ADHD kids do), she’d tap the table to bring her attention back. That’s mostly it. $75/hr. Very disappointed. I didn’t start the search over for another person I’m sad to say because I was so frustrated. I hope it turns out better for you!!

Perhaps my child wasn’t a willing student in the process and that contributed. I think I started with the idea too late. Maybe if I had found a person that she really clicked with it might have worked. It could have been a tutor, as long as they clicked.

Don’t delay, don’t wait for the years to go by to see how it goes...things compile. Every time I introduced my child to another person to help, my child said later, it felt like I was trying to fix her. She put up walls over time. Refused help. She later said it was to protect her shred of self esteem she had left. So very heartbreaking to hear these things when I had been doing everything I could figure out for years to help. Instead I changed at that point to helping with her anxiety, which began consuming everything and more of a challenge than ADHD or dyslexia.

Today it’s a somewhat better but she still not thriving. She’s 18 and taking 1-2 classes a qtr at a local college, living at home, taking it slow. I don’t review her work now of course. I’m not sure if she’s passing class(es) all the time. And I only ask general how’s it going questions. Trying to create a safe place with a slow pace for her to find her own footing. She’ll find her way. That’s the bare truth for us.

I’ve never heard of this type of Therapist but would love one for my son. He’s currently failing 6th grade. He has the “I don’t care” attitude with school. Has no interest in anything! Doesn’t even want to play sports anymore.

I’m going to ask a friend who works in the local school district to see if she has heard of an Educational Therapist. If I find out anything I’ll let you know.

I haven't used an educational therapist, but I seriously explored it last summer and spoke to someone who is an Educational Therapist. It's a big time commitment and it's a big financial commitment, and we couldn't make either one last year. The person I spoke to was certified in several different methods of learning. Kids with learning differences have visual differences, auditory differences and the list go on. She was trained in methods for each one of these with therapies that have been used around the world. I spoke with her in depth and I really wanted to do it during the summer because she recommended an hour a day 4 days a week. I just couldn't make it work with all the scheduling of work, our other son and life in general. There are not that many people who are truly educational therapists. This person was a special education teacher for a long time, she had homeschooled her kids and then she had different learning therapies and certifications on top of that. Seriously trained and I highly respected her credentials. If you are able to, I would recommend searching in your area. Sometimes they do it virtually if you are not in their local area, but I really believe the therapy needs to be in person. She met with me and listened to everything about my son and I shared reports with her from his OT and speech therapist, etc. She even suggested that I check out vision therapy, which I had heard of but didn't know much about. I did take her advice and turned out he had a convergence issue with his eyes. So, instead of the educational therapy, we ended up doing 8 months of vision therapy for my son. It helped him with reading and comprehension when he was able to control his eyes better. Long story, but I think it's worthwhile to explore and have it in your toolkit! I wish I could do it this summer.

For something that works to make education in school more fun, research the Pax good Behavior Game and Pax Tools for parents on You Tube. Pax makes the process of learning and becoming self-regulating fun and that's a big part of the battle.

Pax Breaks

Pax Tools intro

Pax Amends

More on line.

My son had an educational therapist since he was diagnosed in first grade. I finally stopped it when he finished 5th grade. It’s hard to say how much it helped or not because I don’t know how things would have progressed without it. I know he showed no progress in school until he started medication in second grade. He had a hard time reading and the Ed therapy helped him mostly with phonics and other reading associated difficulties. I personally don’t think Ed therapy will do anything related to loving learning more. They certainly can’t claim that. My kids are the same as your son - they’re mostly interested in things that are interesting to them, funny, maybe a little scary, dramatic. That’s the ADHD brain.

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