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I would love to hear from everyone about if you child eats lunch and also what grade they are in. Please answer:

Yes- they eat everything they bring or eat school food

Yes- they eat more than half

Yes- they barely eat anything

No-we send it and they don't eat it

Then say what grade your child is in. If you want to add what they are willing to eat that would help.

Thanks everyone!

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Barely eats anything at school during lunch, mine is 4th grader and will be 10 in May this yr.


Yes- they eat more than half

They are 4th and 2nd grade. Due to food allergies, they always bring in their lunches. One of my proudest moments is the lunch ladies complimented how healthy and well balanced the kids lunches were plus the fact my kids eat it all. There is always a protein, fruit and veggies plus a treat.

We intentionally overpack their lunches due to the varying appetite from meds. More often than not they eat their entire lunch.

Yes- she barely eats anything I send - she will eat some mashed potatoes, cheese and crackers and hummus and pretzels, but generally very little

She is in 5th grade.

My son eats the cafeteria food if it is something he likes if it isn't then he brings his lunch

Yes depends on the day. Sometimes he eats more than half some other days nothing. Also I always pack protein drink and he will drink that

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What protein drink is it? I haven't found one that my son likes.

My son has a yummy, nutritious protein shake every day before he takes meds on school days. He asks for them & often makes for himself!!!

16 yrs old, 10th grade.

Pm me or please see my link below. Be happy to help! Years of finding something to fill him up and here we have it!!!!🥤🥤

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It’s the Vanilla 15g protein drink from Costco but Boost Vanilla is also very tasty

Second grade. Barely eats anything. Part of it is the meds-lack of hunger, part is that he is an incredibly picky eater. But a huge factor is that they don’t get enough time to eat and lunch is before recess. He is so eager to get to recess that he doesn’t want to take the time to eat. I send snack food and finger foods that he can eat quickly while distracted.

6th grader usually just has a “snack” at lunch so we make sure he gets a big protein-y breakfast.

2nd grade; yes- barely eats anything most days from cafeteria. 1 or 2 days a week They serve something she likes and she will eat only that item.

my son is 11. he's in 6th grade. I pack his lunch and 80% of the time he brings it back barely touched.

No-we send it and they don't eat it

5th grade. I offer to take him food shopping w/ me so he can pick out what would like. But he refuses, I think to reserve the right to complain about what is sent.

Hardly ever eats anything. I pack it every day and I'm excited if he eats an orange or a granola bar. 5th grade (on Methylphenadate)

Our third grader barely eats his lunch. He’s always had a low appetite and been a picky eater. He’s on meds now but it’s realky just the same as before. Now he says he just likes to talk during lunch so he doesn’t have time. If we send processed junk food he’ll nibble at it. Fruits, vegetables and proteins mostly wind up in the school garbage can. ☹️

Yes they barely eat anything

My 9th grader will maybe eat a bag of chips, but nothing more. She is on methylphenidate, 15 mg. I make her a big breakfast and a coffee milk shake in the am, which helps... It been this way for years..

Great job on the milk shake mamma ! I make coffee protein shakes for myself, but never thought for my teen! See my post above if you are interested in “shaking” things up in the food Dept LOL 😆😊

Yes but eats barely anything. Second grade daughter on 10 mg methylphenidate. Eats an apple sauce squeeze thingy and a snack size bag of goldfish and that’s it. Sandwich and juice go untouched every day.

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Seems like we have the same child! We’ve gone 900 rounds about this—he’s supposed to just bring home anything he doesn’t eat. The deal is he will not be in trouble for what he doesn’t eat. But he will be in trouble for throwing away food or lying about it. He constantly throws away food and lies about it anyway. His friends actually tell on him to us, unrequested!

My son is 10 and in 5th grade. He would give his lunch away or dump it in the trash and lies about it. Unfortunately his sister would see him do that and reports it to me. He is on Lexapro for anxiety.

Thank you! My son doesn't have an honest sister so we just assume everyday it goes in the trash becuase he is starving after school.

Yes - she eats everything!

She is in 4th grade and usually brings a lunch unless the cafeteria is serving something she likes. I always make her pack a fruit and a vegetable. She also likes tortillas with peanut butter, lunchables, turkey sausage or pepperoni, salads, pasta salad. She is not on medication.

No my son won’t eat lunch. We try to give him breakfast in the morning before he takes his meds.

He does eat a lot in the evening. Sometimes he asks to eat at 9 or even 10 at night.

He is in 4th grade now and he started taking methylphenidate in second grade.

2nd grade - almost 8. He eats cafeteria some days, other days we pack what we know he will eat. But barely eats anything at school. They have VERY little time to eat, maybe 20 minutes and he's picky. Then 15 mins for recess. He's excited to get outside to play. He will eat quite a bit around 7 or 8 after his meds wear off and we are always willing to let him go gung ho on a good full healthy dinner!

Hi! My son 8 almost eats everything we pack for lunch. My daughter ranges from barely eat to eats half. They both eat a good amount of breakfast.

No, my 7 year old does not eat any of his lunch, he brings it back home mostly untouched. Maybe drinks some juice only. He is in 2nd grade

I send lunch with him and 90% of the time he doesn't eat it because his ADHD meds (Vvynase 40mg) cuts his appetite. He's a 6 grader.

He barely eats. Picks at it.

We're in the process of a medication trial, so right now lunch behaviors aren't the most consistent.

Premedication, he ate OK, but mostly would eat snacks first and not finish the sandwich.

On gunafacine, he seemed to eat more.

On atomoxetine (Strattera), he never finished his lunch, but did eat some. He didn't eat as much in general.

No. Mine barely touches his home made lunch, and is an extreme picky eater

8th Grader ADHD. Barely eats anything at lunch. Fortunately, he enjoys breakfast and a big snack (bowl of cereal+) right after school. This would be a problem if there were an after school activity, but there's not.

No- 8th grader either packs herald or buys, but when on adderall XR doesn’t eat until 8:30pm or so. We’re talking 1 meal a day. She doesn’t take meds on the weekends so she’ll eat up then!

Yes - eats more than half

Agree getting to recess fast is a factor, so he eats the most when lunch is in few pieces/fast to eat. When i can, I have him eat any extra fruits/veggies from his lunchbox after school so he still eats the full lunch even if it is in stages. Having him involved in choosing his meal helps a lot too - each night or morning on what he would like, has to always be nutritious and include the food groups

Yes, my son buys school lunch and tells me he eats it all. He eats most of his morning snack, depending on what I send (cookies=all, veggies and cheese=some). He comes home from school ravenous.

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