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Help for son!

Hi Everyone. Does anyone know of any good programs/doctors for ADHD in the Metro DC area? My son is 8 years old and it is a constant battle for him daily. I am on the fence about medication also. Just some guidance as I am pretty new to the diagnosis and looking to find some programs or doctors who can help me out a little. Thanks Everyone!

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Hi! There are many resource here around DC.

1, The Washington, D.C. Center for Neurocognitive Excellence LLC. They are different way to help treat ADHD, (including nerofeedback) you can give them a call to find out.

2, JSSA, great place to received counseling or therapy and they take all insurance, the only thing is there is always a wait list.

3, Expressive therapy center in north Potomac, this might be bit far from you but there are good counselor and program there.

Also, I was reading a great book called “Finally focused” it is helpful for parents who wants to explore other ways other than medication.

Good luck! I have one that is 5 years old it is so hard, but we will get through it!

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Sorry about typo, trying to type it quickly on my phone :)


Thank you.


Hi there, Kennedy Krieger Institute is an excellent facility that can provide Psychological evaluation, OT, Speech and behavior therapy for individuals and families. I highly recommend. The closest location to DC is in Columbia, MD. It's worth the commute.

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