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CBD for adhd


Hi, I’m in the process of finding the best CBD brand to give my 9 year old son who has adhd. I’m looking for organic, free of pesticides, toxins etc. and also works! I’m finding the the highest raited companies (whos product works) are not organic but claim to use organic material like pesticides and herbicides. And other companies who claim organic and don’t use these don’t have the highest raitings on their product working. Anyone on here know about this? I don’t want to put anything harmful into my growing sons body. CBD is in high demand now and people are mass producing it so there’s a lot of companies who use harmful products on the plants. And Info is appreciated thanks!

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This is only from personal experience and we have not tried CBD yet.

I consulted with a pediatric cannabis nurse who has suggested THCA over CBD. I’m suppose to be getting some Friday or early next week, I can keep you updated. CannaKids is the brand.

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Yes! My friend who owns her own CBD company told me about kanakids but there’s no way for me to get it since I live in northern Cali. I really wanted to try that brand. I want to do it ASAP before school starts but it’s taking forever. He’s been off his meds all summer but is horrible in school without them. He’s on focalin. I just don’t like the idea of giving it to him. Def let me know how the THCa works for you. I’m not familiar with the THCa actually. I’ve been reasearching CBD. Thanks for your time!


Please take the time to read all the pervious post and discussion about CB oil before irdwring it and giving it to your child.

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