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Feeling positive that I spoke to my son's guidance counselor and went over every class for him to start highschool

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Friday I called my son's guidance counselor because I know they are working on the upcoming schedules. He will be in 9th grade in September. I want him to be situated in a good place. It was an hour conversation, of going over every class. I was happy I was happy to get him also into a study class that will help him organize and study etc. I felt positive hanging up the phone that I did this.

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Baglady5353-Great way to start the year, will he also have a 504 so he can have all of the accommdatioms for the school year? I know this was hard to do way to go!

Thank you. Yes , he does have the 504 plan but was given to him the last 3 weeks of school. So, I have my fingers cross that new teachers from the start will all be on board following the plan.

Well he has to be the one asking for it, the teachers will not be acting on it. Hope it all goes well, you are doing such a great job helping to set him up for success!

Thank you, that I am working on him this summer not to be embarrassed to ask because you are entitled too it. Work in progrese

Yes! Even the asking is hard for them but doesn't need to be done in front of the other kids, but can be emailed to the teacher or after class. It "levels the playing field"..for them.

Thank you

If you could find an older high school kid who does a good job at this who could "mentor" him, like a senior that would be amazing. Do you know any other parents? Since he has 4 years a leader would be great, maybe next time you talk with the principal something to think about. It is so much to handle as a young kid.. Kid learn best from other kids..

Best of luck.

This is why I am so happy I found this group. The people in my community do not talk openly about their children living with ADHD.

Yes great ideas about a senior something to look into .

My son is a big baseball player. It's aall year round. He trains on the off season

This year, if he fails any of his classes they will not allow him to ay. So o know he loves playing I am hoping this will keep him motivated as well as his team mates a d coaches.

I am sure there is an older player on the team that might even be able to help who may just might not be saying anything or maybe on the team at school.

Anyway so excited for a great start to the new school year..Keep us posted.

My son is about to begin his sophomore year in college. His transition to high school was very difficult. He did poorly first semester. It was a combination of school support and parent involvement that made him successful. He would meet with his guidance counselor once a week to go over his folders, his locker and class assignments. His dad checked his grades every day online to see if assignments were missing, etc. at this age, it’s hard to keep an adhd kid accountable. Be prepared for hard work on your end and constant involvement with the school. They will not do it for you. Stay on top of it and your son will be successful. My son also played football. The importance of sports to these kids cannot be under rated. It so helps to keep them on track. Good luck!

Good luck, keep us posted on how the school year progress. In two weeks, school will reopen for my 14 y/o as well.

Yes, thank you. Good luck to you as well

Nice job! I’ll be thinking of you and your son this fall! My son will start 9th grade as well!

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I think I replied to another person ha ha. Thank you good luck to you as well. Have you tried oils? Someone told me to check nuleaf

Thank you!!!! Good luck to your son as well. Did you try the oil? Someone in work was talking to me about it today.

My grandson's counselor told me that teachers don't always read over the whole 504 plan. So you have to be on top of things to make sure he's getting the adjustments at school that he needs.

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