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The problem with being an "intellectual"


There were times I wish I was not born the child of professors, but Joe Average. Why? Intellectuals are so often living in "luxury land" not "practicality". Do we overthink? Yes. It can really take Tao out to pasture and put one all over the place but where I should be. Yes. I try to avoid "news". A big distraction. Maybe ADHD is not being able to prioritize what matters from what is extraneous.

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Billy50- Thank-you for this discussion. When you said "Maybe ADHD is not being able to prioritize what matters from what is extraneous", I strongly agree with this in that when my child gets hyper-focused on something (on the way home from school the only thing he wants to do is play basketball) he would leave everything in the car tear through the house to get to the backyard to throw hoops). This is just one of many examples where nothing else in the world matters except what is on his mind. Unfortunately, at times especially when things are bad there is no turning things around. On the flip side when things are good they are usually super good... For us, right now medication is the only way to survive with a regular structured schedule and counseling. Even simple things like vacations can be hard to manage and we have each other as a team.

Thanks for this discussion, I am curious what others think.

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