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EFD behaviors and medication


Hello, my done was diagnosed with EFD (executive functioning disorder) in December of 2016 after suffering several mild seizures.

EFD is bordering on ADD and my husband are struggling with medicating him or not, how to deal with my sons behavior, he’s forgetful, is not focused. Does anyone know how best to handle this? Should we think about a child pshycologist?

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Momtocon- Welcome to the group. I assume you are working with a Neurologist? Were you told why your son was having the seizures? If I were in your shoes I would want to make sure medication for the seizures were take of so my child didn't have any more seizures. From what I understand seizures can impact the memory, correct? The specialist you are working with should be able to give you advice on the interaction of medications between the 2 issues.

I would also want services in school because he will need help in his classes.

Thank you. Yes, he currently takes meds for the seizures but will be weaned if in December 2018. There were no “found” reasons for them and they are the type that he will most likely outgrow.

We are not currently working with a neurologist since the diagnosis.

So was an MRI done? I'm a little confused? Did an Neurologist diagnose the seizures?

If I were in your shoes I would want to make sure the seizures will stop and I would want to know why he has the seizures.

We have had very positive results with medication and would recommend you try it, but I would only recommend it if you have the proper Specialist help you. We tried with a pediatrician and it did not work that type of doctor is not skilled enough it understanding medications needed for all of the symptoms for ADHD and how to manage all the different medication. They do not come on a one size fits all. You guys would also have to be careful with his seizure and EFD disorder also.

Hope this helps.

When children take this type of medication it doesn't change their personality, it just changed stops the symptoms. Also, if the medication didn't work you could just stop it. But if you didn't try it you would never know what great benefit youh child can gain from it.

Best of luck.

He was hospitalized for about 3 days at Merced children’s hospital. They did EEG and MRI along with several blood tests etc. no good cause for the seizures. No seizures since the meds and it’ll be 2 years that he’d be on it. We had neurological testing done at UCSF and they diagnosed the EFD. We have not followed up and have since moved so we need to find another neurologist in our area

You were in my backyard.. I'm in northern California. If I were you I think I would try to see a pediatric psychiatrist. I know that might sounds scary (at least for me I was in denial we needed a person on our lives, but it was the best decision we made) I feel like they are the best at know what type of medication and better yet how to dose my child and what time of day to dose him. It really is tricky because there are so many types of medications and especially with your sons seizures you would want a very knowledgeable person to be able to judge the best medication and not over dose him.

You did not discuss his behavior, but I imagine it is what we are all going through, you guys just have to also deal with the seizures.

I would also make sure you have a very good health care plan at school so they know what to do at school. I understand that you say he has not had a seizure in 2 years, but I am sure he is worried about this during school.

If you are worried about what your child will be like on medication, you can try it an see it it works for you guys, I will be honest it is not one size fits all it might take a few trials, but it really changes things for us. We can tell as soon as the medication wears off.

Best of luck. we are here if you have any more questions

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