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ADHD Medication and appetite

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Hello All

Just wondering if any of you or your children lose their appetite while taking ADHD medication? My son has been a picky eater for quite a while now, and now that he is taking ADHD medication, ( Metadate 10 mg), it is getting worse. I feel like he is losing so much weight, and his energy levels have decreased. What have you implemented or tried to help with this?

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I added ensure plus and milkshakes to my sons diet to try and up the calories. I also switched him to whole milk although he isn’t a huge milk drinker.

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Thank you . Switching milk is a good idea!


Please make sure the doctor that prescribed the RX knows what is going on, if I were in your shoes I would want to change medication. Is he seeing a child psychiatric? They really know which medication is best.

Good luck.

His doctor is aware and her response was feed a nutritious big dinner and give pediasure . But again, he was already a picky eater.

My son was already thin before medication, but he feels much lighter since starting them .

Thank you for your response

It sounds like you are only dealing with his regular doctor, if huh out are that worried I would recommend you see a child psychiatric this could be a second opinion and you could see if there are other medication options.

If not then sneak protein into everything.

Good luck

Thank you. This is what his Behaviroal and Developmental PA-C atrecommended. Not his primary care physician.

I would definitely look into talking to a child psychiatrist. I’ve heard from several other, that talking to one, has helped most.

We had the same issue on Metadate. Oddly, switched to Focalin, which is for all intents and purposes basically the same thing, it's been a bit better- he'll actually eat lunch now. I load him up at breakfast and dinner- he is picky as well so I find ways to trick out his "favorites" with extra calories. I've found a brand of toaster waffles with added protein, as well as baked good mixes with added protein. I only give him whole milk/full fat cheese, etc. And when he's hungry, even it's after a time when I'd usually say the kitchen is closed for the evening, I'll give him a snack.

I've also let go of my idea that "you eat what we eat or too bad" the way I was raised- it's more important that he's getting the nutrition that he needs. So I'll give him the family dinner, of which he must take one bite of everything, and then a side of his favorites (mac and cheese, pizza, pasta, sandwhich). So far he's held onto the weight he gained back when we did a medication holiday over the summer. If all else fails, you can try having him off meds on the weekends and loading him up with food then.

Was told to use carnation instand breakfast and whole milk. She gave a note for him to talk to school and drink. She has us hold meds on weekends and school holidays.

This has been a issue with my son too. It seems right before bed he’s all of a sudden starving. We have dinner every night around 6:00. I started keeping healthy snacks on hand, that I know he likes. I tell him he can snack on those things until 9:15 at night. After that the kitchen is closed, and we start our bedtime routine. He is doing well with that, and he’s started gaining weight again. Hope this helps.

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