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I wrote this for all the parents


He’s not my baby anymore,

I stand beside his closed door,

Along with larger shoes,

Came a huge attitude.

With a mind that is so sharp,

His tongue often shooting darts,

He has scars no one can see,

He seeks no comfort from me.

My hugs he used to enjoy,

But no longer my little boy,

He tells me to just go away,

He doesn’t need me anyway.

I’ll be here when he returns,

With his boyhood concerns,

With secret pain he hides,

Because he has too much pride.

At night, with tears I pray,

That this boy will be okay.

But he’s not my baby anymore,

He turns the lock on his door.

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So hard...

Oh my gosh! This really hit home for me. I'm sitting here trying to stop the tears from falling. Hugs to you.

in reply to iguanacita

Hugs back!

Wow this is exactly my feeling. I am holding my tear when I read this

in reply to hui17

I had tears falling when I wrote it.

This hits home I couldn't help but to tear up

You are such a nice person and look how creative you are! when I go into my kids rooms and see their posters and their crafts or trinkets, it makes me cry. Only solace is knowing that most teenagers don't want their parents. I think Facebook is making us think the world out there is awesome for everyone except us

Very sad. Still keep loving them no matter what.

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