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Sons, 10 and 6 have ADHD. Just started summer without medication and losing my mind!

I have three children two of which have ADHD 10 and 6. They have both been on Focalin during the school year and my husband wanted them to be off the medication during the summer. We just started summer vacation 3 days ago and i'm about to lose my mind. I have read alot about CBD oil but not sure how people administer it, do you give drops or use spray? I will not make it thru this summer If i can not figure something else out. The arguing, backtalk, crying, anger, throwing and being so mean to eachother is going to make me explode!

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I would put them both back on the Focalin, especially if it was working well. ADHD is a neurological disorder that affects behavior, whether in or out of school.


If medication was working I would not take them off of it. We have two kids with ADHD on medication all year round. You can still research CBD oil and use it and see if it has a positive effect. I also recently read about Magnesium deficiency in ADHD kids and how Epsom salt in baths can be very beneficial so we are trying that as well.

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I would keep them on the meds as well. Tell you husband to stay home with them a few days and he'll come around. Easy for him to say if he's leaving you alone and going to work everyday. I usually skip a day here or there during the summer depending on what we are doing. My son is fine if we are home for the day but if we have somewhere to go I give him the meds. You need to do what works best for them and if it's the meds then so be it. Best of luck this summer.


I have never understood taking them off something that helps. Kids don't want to be in trouble all the time. And why would I want to have to put up with that behavior.


GIVE THEM THEIR MEDS!!! You wouldn’t take a diabetic off their insulin, why take them off if it worked well? I think they feel better when stable and in control, why take that away?

And give yourself a break - have a babysitter come and go do something nice for yourself!


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