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need advice on these two combos

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hi! my son is 9 and has ADHD and DMDD since its summer I told the dr. I wanted to try something other than concerta 36mg since that is a 10-12 hour time release. so he suggested daytrana 10mg patch but all pharmacy's seem to be on back order! has anyone tried the patch I'm not to sure about it... and we are going to try 5mg cut in half of Lexapro. My son wakes up grouchy and moody and in the afternoons once the concerta is wearing off.. any input on these medicine or maybe another stimulate that has worked for you yall? my goal is that the Lexapro helps him In the morning and evening since its taken once a day in the evening..

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The company that makes Daytrana has an 800 number to call to find a pharmacy that has it. If they only have the 20 mg patches, ask the doctor for a prescription and just cut it in half (it is just double the size of a 10 mg patch).


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