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feeling Helpless

Hello, I am new to this site. So thankful to have found this site! I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter who suffers from ADHD and is also a IEP student as well! She is having a hard time in school. She also has a hard time getting friends and keeping them. She has been in therapy for years but will not even talk to the doctor or even be in the room without me. I feel that she is not getting any kind of real help. She is on medication but she really needs so much more. What can I do to help her?? So frustrating!!!

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Please read my post from a few minutes ago. Great piece on ADHD and drugs given for it. There are other ways that seem to really help. Best part is the kids and their mothers look so much happier after using the techniques shown ( not drugs) good luck.



My daughter is 10 and also struggles establishing and maintaining friendships. I know this will sound weird but is your daughter in animal lover?


Yes! We have 4 dogs and she seems to relate to them well.


Is it typical for them the relate better to animals. My daughter's loves all animals and I'm convinced one day she may be a vet (if she can get through all the schooling)


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