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Recent Behaviour Changes

My son has been struggling with explosive behaviours at school for about 4 months now and we don’t know what to do. School has now pressured us to try medication. My son just started Vyvanse last week. Not sure what to do about the explosive behaviours at school. Will the medication help with this?

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Hi! Has he always had explosive behaviors or is this new since starting Vyanse?


He is being bullied, struggling with his academics, no friends, teachers don’t have the tools and knowledge to better acvomadate and help my son.

He’s only been taking the vyvanse for 4 days.


I can only speak from our experience... Vyvanse used to work great for my youngest. He was on it since he was 6 years old. Over time ~ 3 years later he started to get nasty and violent and sever panicked when it was time to go to school.

We switched him to Ritalin LA and he got instantaneously better from a behavior standpoint. We just had to work on he dosage to help his focus.

Now a out the school. I have not received great help as his grades didn’t suffer only his interaction with other kids and the teachers he would get marked down for not having his homework done.

He didn’t qualify for an IEP and we had to fight for a 504 plan. It wasn’t until we threatened to get a lawyer that the school started to work with us. Even once the 504 was in place the teachers refused to sign off on his homework. Again, had to educate them since we have a 504 and it is indicated that the sign off is needed that we can personally sue the teachers. Then it worked.

Unfortunately, IMHO until the right balance of medication and and school

Cooperation is reached he will continue to struggle.

Have you started to get a meeting for 504 and IEP?

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Interesting. We were on Ritalin la and had crazy violent child. Been on vvyanse AND Seroquel, much much better.


medications DO help! you must fine the right one(s) for your child. my son has ALWAYS taken intuniv which helps wuth outbursts and impulsiveness. my son is 10 and has taken meds since age 5. he did not do well on vyvanse. it made him very emotional. when he was younger methylphenidate and tbe intuniv seemed to work best. each child is different. there are several options. sometime adjusting the milligrams is the key


We had to add a medication in addition to vyvanse to help with the explosive behavior. The vyvanse was for his hyperactive behavior and to help him focus on daily tasks.


Please don't let the school pressure you into medicating your child. You will more than likely go through a bunch of different medications and the may or may not have a positive effect. Request an IEP or 504 Plan witch will put modifications into place for a variety if reasons including behavior, movement and academic for focus and attention, and even modified school and homework.

Google education disability rights.


Completely understand what you are going through. 2 months ago we were in same situation and I was so angry with the school for indirectly pressurizing us to start medications. We were even ready to move him to a private school with less kids. But then we realized if he really does have ADHD just changing the school will not help. Also he started saying he didn’t want to go to school, he was a bad kid etc. That completely made me want to try medicine. And it has been such a big change for him at school. He was in principal office almost everyday and close to being suspended before but after meds he is the star student!!

We tried vyvanse at first which did not give good results and was very inconsistent. Then switched to Focalin XR which has been amazing for him. The mornings and evenings are still crazy at our house but school has been great!

Don’t worry.. once you figure out the right medication for your son school will be much better. I’m still so mad at the school for putting pressure on us. But I feel it was the right decision as my little boy is happy at school and that’s the most important thing!


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