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Adhd medication management

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Hello parents,

I need your advice. My son is 10 and he had been taking medication for over a year now. It’s working good for us. We see pediatric psychiatrist but having issues with scheduling and billing and office policies. Do you recommend seeing regular pediatrician for medication management? I heard they can prescribe. My son has been successful at school but medications are affecting his appetite so at some point we may switch medication or dosage and I’m not sure if his regular doctor will be a good choice.

Thank you

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We’ve done all of our medication management through a pediatrician. Ours seems to specialize in mental health though so this might make a difference.

We were unsuccessful in using a single dose of medication with our son's regular doctor and were not seeing that the medication was really controlling his impulses, so we changed to a child psychiatrist and would never go back. I know our son need a Specialist and as hia needs grow ( hormones changes, stress of middle school increases then high school) I would never go back. I strongly believe in having a Specialist be involves to manage our medication.

I am sorry more families don't start off with a child psychiatrist.

Best of luck

My grandson's pediatrician did his ADHD medication for a while but when he started having trouble with adjusting dosing he said it was beyond his level of expertise and we swiswitched a psychiatrist

We use a psychiatrist. Our son’s pediatrician offered to take over but I could tell that he did not have the necessary expertise when basic questions I was using to vet his expertise stumped him. My son’s psychologist is exceptionally well versed in pharmacology so he works closely with the psychiatrist who values his input.

Highly recommend a psychiatrist likes others have said. Pedestrians normally are not skilled in ADHD meds and as your child grows, adjustments will be needed.

If your current psychiatrist isn’t working out, I recommend finding a new one that takes your insurance. Generally there is a wait for these type of drs so I recommend not waiting.

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