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Daily small struggles... can anyone relate? And how to cope?!


So, my son has been doing a lot better in school. Also, he has been doing better at home, but we still continue to struggle with emotional outbursts. I feel sad, someone run down and frustrated yet again. How can such a little boy have such big troubles? Yesterday was great, he got up for school, had a friend over for dinner and played. Then we brought his friend home and he wanted to go into their house. I said no, he proceeded to take his shoe off and throw it at me. I calmly asked him to buckle back into his seat, he sat down but I had to buckle him in, so he hit me. Then on the way home he asked to stop and get a donut, I said no it wasn't time for donuts. He proceeded to tell me his stupid I was. This behavior continued through bathtime and then subsided. We cuddled and talked, but I know it will happen again over and over. I just want his life (and his father and mines) to be easier. I know he doesn't feel good when he acts like that, but he still repeats it constantly.

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I feel for you. It’s so hard to deal with sometimes. But you aren’t alone!

My son is 9 and does the same things to me. It is truly exhausting. Am I set to calm angry outbursts for the rest of my life?

You aren’t alone at all!

Sounds exactly like a day in our house!

Yes I can totally relate! Anytime he doesn’t get his way he reacts angrily or badgers me to death to get his way. I’ve had to just learn to not react, sometimes just not saying anything. I think we have to change our reactions because we only have control over ourselves. Self care is incredibly important so be sure to do what gives you joy. You need to balance out the stress. This summer we are going to go to family counseling with someone who specializes in ADHD. I hope I can learn some coping mechanisms to share. You are not alone. Take care.

My son is 10 and it's the same thing. And it seems to be getting worse. After school today I asked him to take the trash out (his chore) and he called me a bitch and threw the empty trash can at me. It got better and worse over various things throughout the afternoon until I finally yelled at him. It is so exhausting

I go through the same things with my 6year old sometimes it’s the smallest things that set him off it’s a daily struggle for him just to get dressed for school my son does the same thing

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