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Considering medication for my 13yr old son with adhd


Hello, im new to this so ill try my best to explain myself. I have a 13yr old son that was diagnose with adhd last year. He is now going to therapy which has help with his anger outburst. Im at the point were im considering on getting medication for him because he still struggles with school work. Im a little skeptical about medications because i real dont have enough information. It would be great if i would hear about parents with adhd kids that take medication, and just get some insight on how they work, if so how has your childs life improved. Thanks

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I had an angry teen and it's certainly no fun. But I have to tell you that medication for the ADHD will most definitely help. Therapy can help, but teens don't have the insight that adults do to into their behavior, so although therapy can have an impact in the long-term, it rarely helps in the short-term. Do some research - buy a book on ADHD (I recommend Russell Barkley) and become educated about the medications. My son took ADHD meds from age 9 until about 18. We had some very hard years, and he eventually stopped taking his ADHD meds on his own. However, at age 23, he now realizes he cannot do school without his meds and started back on Vyvanse last year when he finally returned to college. (On his dime, I should add!)

My son is 15 and was diagnosed in 4th grade. He was taking day trans which is a patch- sometimes hard to find but smaller pharmacies were better able to get it thru their distributors. It works over 9 hours and goes I the upper thigh. The problem is it can be bothersome in summer but it helped immensely for focusing and getting work done. He now takes mydaysis (sp?) it’s s pill that is 16 hour and he doesn’t need a booster. Read about the side effects and learn more about them. Good luck


My son (8years old) started medication last year. We tried every natural alternative possible. Nothing natural worked and by far medication has been the best thing for him. There will be side effects BUT your doctor will work with you both to help you find the right dosage and medication. My son and I were just talking about his medication and how it makes him feel. He told me that he liked his life better with the help of medication and wants to continue using it. He said he likes how it helps him focus and his teacher noticed a complete 180. We have too. I also went through testing and was diagnosed with ADD as well. I am on a low dose and I understand now why he likes his life better on medication. I feel so much better! I am able to focus, I am more calm and more loving. I dont have so much going on in my head when I am on meds. I think it might be worth a try for your son!! Good luck!!!!

My son (10 1/2) has been on medication for 3 years. We were lucky as the first one we tried (Concetta) worked. It is truly a miracle drug. On the medicine he is sweet, kind, helpful, and can finish his school work and home work. When he is not on it he is impulsive, difficult, and sometimes abusive. It is futile to ask him to do anything. He was on the medicine for a week when he told his teacher "I can hear everything you say now!"

Before medicine we tried OT and diet chances (gluten and dairy free) which helped some, but wasn't enough.

Don't let the thought of medicating your child scare you. If you find the right medicine to help him you are doing him a huge favor.

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