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Anyone with IEP meeting experience know if there is a way to have an advocate on our (parents side) I mean our last meeting we had about 4 people from his school in the meeting and then his father and I. I would love if we could have like a (how can I say it) parents advocate on our side. Not saying we are total push overs I just feel the school seems to push back as if they know best.

*Remember our kids are different, but the best different God made 😍*

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I trust the school and the teachers while discussing 504 plan. I tried to be connected with the teacher about how my son is doing at school day to day basis. I am able to help him better as I know his areas of weakness. At the same time could convey the teacher what she might can guide at school. He is doing quite better at school now.


I have a friend in town who brings a hired advocate to every IEP meeting with her. I think the person is like a lawyer who advocates for you because we parents can get distracted by our emotions. Plus the expert has seen a lot of cases and may know of creative services to ask for that would never occur to us. That being said I feel I have a good relationship with my districts administrators and they seem to genuinely care and not be too stingy so I haven’t felt the need to go this route. But it’s definitely an option that some use.


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